Giyuu Tomioka ; 🍋

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Giyuu x reader (smut)!!!
Prepare yourselves!!

Warning: NSFW/🔞!

Warning: NSFW/🔞!

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It was mundane day as a fellow demon slayer. You weren't a pillar, nor a really strong swordsman. But you are a newly tsuguko of the water pillar, Giyuu Tomioka. And for that, you have been working very hard for your next mission, today.

You swung your nichirin blade to the bundle of bamboos in front of you with full concentration.

Your blade stuck right into the outer skin of one of the bamboos, not cutting through.

"No..not like that." You said under your breath.

You sucked in an amount of air, and with full concentration, you swung again. Your feet press against the ground as you stabilize your wrist in one swing.

This time, you were able to cut right through all of them.

Satisfied, you sigh with a smile. You grip and ungripped on your katana, shifting your fingers to get used to the pain of your grazed skin against the tsuka of your sword.

'You had gone this far, all thanks to tomioka san! Don't let him down!'  You thought to yourself, clenching your muscles to ignore the pain of your tired, aching body.

You moved to another bundle of bamboos. This one was three times thicker. They were tied together tightly and it seemed as hard as the log of a tree. But you didn't let that bring you down.

You ready in position and lifted your arm straight in front of you, before doing the same thing as before, swinging with all your might and energy put into your right arm.

Unfortunately, you felt your wrist get sprained awfully, causing you to lose control of your swing.

Gosh, it was daytime and you as already hurt yourself.

You once again breathed in and out, ignoring the pain, and got yourself in a stance again to give another go at it.

"That won't do." You heard a voice behind you. You recognized it. It was giyus's. You turned your head around and he walked over to you, expressionless as always. He stopped right behind you and you froze as he placed a hand on your left shoulder and another on your right hand. He mumbled, "You have to stabilize your breathing. I can hear your staggered breaths."

You felt your face heat up, but tried your best not to show it. His smooth and steady voice really does a number on you every time. He moved your right hand to raise it a bit more, helping you find the right stance.

"I uh, thought you were on a mission." You said, thankful that your voice did not crack.

"It got cancelled." He stated and leaned forward to get a better look. Now his face was right beside your right ear as he slid his left hand down onto your waist, making you flinch a bit. He lightly pushed forward there, "Upright." He said and you immediately complied. Then you felt his right hand on the back of your left thigh, pushing it as well. You blushed a dark shade of red as you felt his warm hand on your smooth skin.

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