Chapter Five

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It was a bit late. I didn't have anywhere to be tomorrow, so I could do anything I wanted to tonight. Considering I don't have a car or any friends besides Dan and Phil, my night would probably consist of uploading my video and fanfiction. About Dan? You ask. Yes, of course it is. I could be married to him and I'd read it next to him. I couldn't really let him know that I read it about him yet, I'm sure he'd find out either by peaking over my shoulder or by stalking my current channel to find the link to my old channel. Which is quite embarrassing, and why haven't I deleted it yet? (I forgot the password, oops)

"That was really good," Phil said.

"Yeah," I agreed, "Hiccup really Neville Longbottomed us."

They laughed, I took a sip of my leftover Sprite.

"I'm serious!" I said, "I mean, compare him to pre-puberty Hiccup. You have to agree."

"I guess you're right," Dan said.

There was a bit of a silence.

"Hey," Phil said, "We should have a party!"

"A party?" I asked, "I don't really know anyone, so don't put me in charge of inviting people."

"No," he shook his head, "I mean like, just the three of us."

"Oh, yeah," I nodded, "That sounds fun."

"Let's go then," Dan said, he turned around, probably heading to their apartment. I turned and followed him, Phil close behind.

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