Chapter Two: The Next Day

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    I wake up on a green cot with my head resting on a soft pillow and a cotton blanket covering me. I try to remember how I got here but for some reason I can not. I slowly sit up and look around me, there are other cots with pillows and blankets too. Also, the room has windows letting in sunlight and one singular wooden door.
     Where am I, I think to myself as I slowly get off the cot. I am the only person in the room, it is eerily quiet, kind of scary too. I walk over to the door, grab the handle and turn it. As soon as I turn the handle, someone on the other side of the door does the same.
     I let go of the handle and take a step back from the door as the person enter the room. The man is taller then me, by at least four inches, has dark brown hair and blue eyes. My heartbeat increases a little and I am scared. He notices me right away and says in a concerning voice, "It's ok, I am not here to hurt you". He takes two steps towards me and I take two steps back.
     With my blood rushing and my nerves going crazy, I end up tripping myself and falling onto my butt. The man with the blue eyes quickly walks over to me, bends over and asks, "Are you ok". I look at him and notice his handsome features right away. Blood rushes to my face, I look away and reply, "Y-Yes".
      He puts his hand out and says, "Here let me help you up". I put my hand in his and he helps me off the ground. He is strong too, I tell myself in my head as I try not to stare at his forearms. "I have something to show you, so you must come with me" he states.
       Should I follow him, I ask myself as I look him up and down, I blush, look away and respond, "O-Okay". The man walks over to the door, opens it and says, "Right this way ma'am". I walk past him and into the hallway, he steps in front of me and states, "My name is Jayce".
      He holds out his hand and I put mine in his. He then flips my hand over to the top side and kisses it, "N-Nice to meet you, Jayce" I reply awkwardly.
      There is no windows, but only lights that light up the hallway. The walls are an eggshell color and the floors are hardened tile. You could hear the clicks of people's shoes as the walk. What is this place, I think to myself as we continue to walk.
      Jayce notices my confusion, he says, "We are at the Infirmary". "O-Oh ok" I reply with a stutter wondering if he read my mind. We walk what seems like for an hour or so, we take many turns and many other hallways to get where we need to be.
     Finally, we stop at a door and next to the door is a window. The window shows the courtyard outside, the courtyard, I tell myself in my head as Jayce opens the door for me. A memory from last night appears in my mind and pain follows right behind it.
     Before walking through the doorway, I grab the doorframe with one hand and my head with the other. "Ugh" I say grabbing the doorframe tighter, "What is wrong" asks Jayce with concern while putting his right hand on my left shoulder.
      The pain slowly goes away, and I remove my hand from my head. "I-I'm fine" I say finally walking through the door way, Jayce closes the door behind him, catches up to me and takes the lead.
       Outside is beautiful, the sky is a pretty blue with white fluffy clouds. It is a little windy, the trees and grass are bright green, there is also many vibrant colored flowers lining the paths to the buildings in the courtyard.
     The atmosphere is calm, collected and quiet. It is so nice and peaceful outside, I tell myself in my head as I take a deep breath. Nature's sounds, sights and smells fills all my senses and in the single moment I feel happy.
     "It's pretty outside isn't it" says Jayce looking up at the sky, I look over to him and reply, "Y-Yes, yes it is". Jayce takes a deep breath and then says with a smile, "We must go now". I nod my head and follow him to where ever we are going.
      We walk towards the back of the courtyard. There is a huge building standing there towering over the smaller buildings. The huge building looks like an angry mother or father glaring at the younger smaller kids which are the smaller buildings.
     People in uniforms are going about their day, they are all wearing the same uniform as Jayce. I notice the lettering on the uniforms but can not read it, and I am too shy to ask Jayce. All I can see is an insignia of a three-headed dog.
     There is an uphill ramp to walk to reach the entrance of the huge building. I look at the huge building standing before me and Jayce continues to walk. "We are almost there, come on" he says from a few feet away, I walk quickly to catch up to him. For some unusual reason my heartbeat increases, it must be my adrenaline, I tell myself in my head as I keep walking with Jayce. Before I knew it, we are standing at the entrance of the huge building.

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