Chapter One: That Night

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      They are chasing me. It is dark outside, and I am running down a quiet, empty street, only the streetlights are showing any life. These monster-like creatures are chasing me, to my left is a small building with an elaborate entrance.
      I run over to the entrance hoping for protection of some sort. Wrought iron bars cover the windows, and the small building has huge wooden oak doors. I push on the doors and to my surprise, the doors are unlocked.
      I step into what seems like a huge courtyard with paths that lead to different buildings. With my adrenaline rushing and fear gripping my heart, I run to the closest building I could reach. The building was about 10 feet away, but I run anyways because my life depended on it, literally.
     Surprisingly, again the doors are unlocked, so I rush into the building and close the wooden doors behind me. The building has two floors and a staircase. I run up the stairs and look for a good hiding spot for me.
     My lungs beat against my ribs every time I take a step and it hurts. Quickly enough I am able to find a hiding spot between a shelf and a wall. I am breathing very hard and so I try to relax my breathing so I could hear around me. I listen but there is only silence, no sound, no creatures following me, nothing.
     I breath a sigh of relief, stick my head out from where I am hiding and look around. I notice tons and tons of books lining shelves everywhere. I must be in a library, I think to myself in my head. I dare not move anymore thinking if I do the creatures would be back for sure.
    I hear a shuffling noise and I freeze. My heart rate spikes, I have to cover my mouth with my hand so IT , whatever IT is, would not head me breathing. Please, please just go away, what do you want with me, I tell myself in my head.
     The thing is still moving around, I can hear movement but can not tell where it is coming from. The library is still dark, but it is becoming dawn outside. The windows spill orange-red light onto the wooden floors in the library. The sounds get closer and I do not know what to do. My heart is beating like crazy and I am full-fledged scared.
     Suddenly, the sounds stop, and I quietly poke my head out of my hiding spot to look around. There was nothing and I do not see anything besides the shelves and the books. I get out of my hiding spot and tell myself in my head, I need to get out of here now. I step into the light, I look out the window and see a big oak tree that also faces the entrance.
    Then I hear footsteps, I turn and look in the direction the footsteps come from. A figure stands there in the shadows; I can not see what the figure looks like at all. My heart rate spikes again, and my palms go sweaty.
    "W-Who are you" I ask the shadowy figure. The figure steps out of the shadow and into the light, my eyes go wide. He is tall and devilishly handsome, he has black hair long enough to put in a ponytail. He has near eyebrows, a clean, shaven face and a strong jawline. His hazel eyes sparkle in the orange-red sunlight.
       He stands there silently glaring at me like I disturbed him or something. Warmth spreads throughout my body and I feel weird. I feel myself beginning to fall, "W-What-" I try to say before closing my eyes. In the next moment, I feel hands on me, I open my eyes and see the floor. My heartbeat slows and so did my breathing.
     He must have caught me before I fell, I tell myself in my head. Just before I pass out, the man says, "I got you". While I am unconscious, I do not dream of him or anything of the matter, all I saw was pitch black darkness.

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