Part 23 ; Why?

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"Y/n, aren't you being too harsh on Taehyung?" Said Mrs.Kim was disappointed with Taehyung's Y/n attitude.

"Mom, Taehyung is still single and a very high-paying man and I'm a divorced woman. I don't deserve her and she should have a better woman than me." Say Y / n with guilt on Taehyung.

She knew Taehyung had a good intention of marrying her and was sincerely in love but she was a bit scared of getting remarried after her failed marriage a year ago.

Not because Y / n still loves Jungkook but because the marriage was destroyed in a cruel way until he had a baby miscarriage.

"Y / n, Taehyung is trying to make you happy and what is Taehyung doing wrong in your eyes that you can refuse him?" Mrs.Kim asked Y / n disappointed.

"Taehyung has no flaws but I don't deserve to marry a perfect man like Taehyung and he deserves better than me." She feels that she's not fit to marry a guy like Taehyung.

"Y / n, try to think positively. Who helped you when Jungkook was being tortured? Who helped you when you had a miscarriage? Who will pay for your divorce suit? Taehyung has been helping you all through your problems all the time."

Yes, I know that Taehyung helped me a lot when I was having a hard time.

"You're trying to reconsider Taehyung's proposal before it's too late for you. Be happy with Taehyung and forget about all the pain your ex-husband has given you. "

*Skip Times, Magic Shop Coffee*

"So how are you now, beautiful?" Asked Jimin as he smiled y/n. "I don't know if I should be okay with it now." Said Y/n to Jimin before drinking the reserved coffee to quench her thirst.

"Why? Did something happen? " What Taehyung said started to play in her mind. I'm sorry, Tae. I have no intention of hurting you like this. "Taehyung proposes to me"

Jimin pretends to be shocked and doesn't know what y/n says. "So you accepted him? Sorry but isn't it too early for you to remarry, y/n? " She started to think for a moment about what Jimin was asking.

"I didn't know I was fit for a guy like Taehyung." Say Y/n with guilt. "Y/n, I know you better than Jungkook and Taehyung know you. We've been dating and we've been engaged."

Y/n is a bit confused by what Jimin has to say to him. "What do you mean by that, Jimin?"
Jimin started to smile before his hand held Y/n's hand. "I know you don't like getting married without love."

Y/n was shocked when Jimin released a ring known to him. Isn't that her engagement ring with Jimin first? Jimin still holds this engagement ring? "Y / n, would you like to be my fiancé again?"

", Wh...Whaa...ttt?"

Unbeknownst to Y / n and Jimin realizing, someone was listening all those two conversations. The pain of his wounds increased upon hearing Jimin's proposal to Y/n.

"Tae, calm down. Don't rush to act. " Suga's advice to Taehyung. "Jimin really wants to challenge my patience" Taehyung said while holding back his anger at Jimin. "Don't do anything crazy" Suga warns Taehyung.

"I can't stand this drama anymore." Taehyung said before he left the place without being aware of Jimin and y/n.

"Taehy-" Namjoon prevents Suga from pursuing Taehyung. "Suga, just leave him alone. Let him do what he wants if that can ease his anger and you also know that Taehyung is unstoppable when he is angry."

After Suga heard Namjoon's words, he sat back down. "Are you crazy? Can't you sit and do nothing if Taehyung attacks them?" Suga asked with a sigh of relief.

"We can't all stop Taehyung if he's really angry. Do you want to be hurt by Taehyung when you try to stop him? Are you crazy too ??" Ask Namjoon to Suga.

"It's because I'm not crazy, I trying to stop Taehyung from doing it crazy stuff. " Namjoon was angry at Suga's words.

"Because you are so foolish that you don't realize that you are ordering death! Let Taehyung relieve his own anger and we can't all prevent him from doing what he wants to do otherwise, we will be the victims of Taehyung's anger. " Said Namjoon to Suga.

"If you're really Taehyung's best friend, you should stop him from doing crazy things no matter what." Suga told Namjoon before leaving Namjoon alone.

"Why is this all so complicated? Can't the three of you be good friends again? " Namjoon said alone as thinking of Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook.

*Two days Later, J.Park Company*

The door of Jimin's office was kicked hard and headed toward Jimin as he was
pushing his gun in front of Jimin's face.

"Do you try my patience? !!!!!!" Taehyung raised his voice against Jimin and Jimin began to smirks at Taehyung.

"No wind and storm, why did you suddenly come and attack me in this state? Aren't you afraid that the media will know about this fight and headline the news? Remember, we are both Ceo's in many branches overseas so don't try to break the bad reputation of us both in this fight. "

Said Jimin to Taehyung as he smirking to him. " "If you truly love y/n as you always say to Y/n. You are not going to break your engagement and leave y/n like that !!! Now you're trying to get back at him? You think I'll let you get y/n easily ?! Step on my corpse first !!"

Jimin starts to get angry at what Taehyung says. Not that he didn't fight for her love but he did his best not to break her engagement. "I did my best not to cancel the engagement! If you don't know the truth, you better keep your mouth shut If you don't want me to shoot ..! "

Taehyung smirks after hearing Jimin's warning words. "Do the best? If you do your best, you probably won't let y/n marry Jungkook."

"Do you think I'll let you get y/n easily? Hahaha, you're wrong. If y/n knew who the real murderer was, would you think Y / n would be with you and easily forgive you? "

Taehyung's eyesight on Jimin was sharp. "Are you trying to blackmail me?!!" Jimin smirks at Taehyung.

"Why? Are you afraid that y / n knows about this? You see very much that you are afraid of losing y / n of your life but I also want you to feel the loss of someone you love as I felt before." Said Jimin to Taehyung.

To Be Continued...

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