They're Coming

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Fluorescent lights slowly flooded the room, illuminating the devices around him. His box cutter dangled uncomfortably by his side attached by a well-worn carabiner.

Daylight was encroaching, but still far off on the horizon, looming over the windowless building. He strapped his holster and peered out from behind a hidden door across a wall near the back of the room. 

It was hard to make out from the dim mall lighting outside the store, but he knew they were coming. Slowly, they herded towards the store as he anxiously made his final preparations. They didn't file in a single line but instead approached from all sides, strangling the store, instilling claustrophobia even amongst the bravest in the group. 

This was the moment he had trained for, physically and mentally. The focus and dedication required came at a cost. He had lost friends along the way, but he knew it was worth it. He didn't stand a chance otherwise.

Slowly, with bated breath, he pressed the silver button he's pressed so many times before. The gate at the front of the store began to gradually rise, giving faces to the shapeless mob inching towards the gates.

He swallowed hard, mustered his courage, and approached the first customer. 

"Welcome! Are you here for the new iPhone?"

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