2p! America x reader lemon

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You were sitting on Al's couch watching a scary movie. Al knew you didn't like scary movies (if you do awesome, me too, but in this story you hate scary movies. So deal with it) that's why he picked one out. What movie you might ask. Well it's none other than the Conjuring (that's a funny movie in My opinion)

You and Al made a deal, if you didn't get scared and watched the whole movie.... Al had to eat a HAM BURGER but if you couldn't watch it..... Al could do "anything" *smirk smirk* he wanted with you.

Well unfortunately for you, you got scared and couldn't watch it any more.
Flash back to you getting scared@@@@@@@@@@@
You were doing pretty good until The scene where the mom went into the basement came on. You got so scared, you buried your face in Al's chest screaming "no! I can't do it.... you win"@@@@@@@@@@@@@ PRESENT
Al was now on top of you "Al, what are you gonna do?" You asked with a hint of fear in your voice. "Well you lost now I get to do whatever I want with you. So don't complain, okay doll face?" Then he forcefully and roughly kissed you. He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance but when you refused he shoved his tongue in your mouth and declared dominance over you. He pulled back.

He saw you rubbing your legs together so he spread them apart while smirking. He inserted two fingers in to you. Pumping the in and out. You arched your back "Al!" You yelled as he went faster you came all over his fingers. Then he suck all the cum off his fingers, while he looked into you (e/c) eyes.

He removed his shirt. Then yours. You pulled him down for a kiss and moved your hands to his pants, then took them off. You looked at the GINORMOUS bulge in his boxers. Your eyes widened but then they turned in to a look of lust. Then you licked you lips. You flipped Al over, took off his boxers and started to suck on his "stick of awesomeness"
He grunted and pushed your head farther down. Before he could cum you pulled back. He growled in annoyance. "Your gonna pay for that" he said in the most sexy voice you have ever heard.

He took of the remaining articles of clothing off of you and started to thrust in to you. "Oh god!!!! AL!!!" You couldn't take it anymore. You moaned loudly as you came. Al came and 15 seconds after you. He collapsed on to your stomach. You started to massage his head as he fell asleep on you. You then thought to yourself 'maybe scary movies aren't that bad' you giggled to yourself and went to sleep with Al.

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