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(Change the boots the hightop dark blue converse)(Btw, i know Gracie Abrams has short hair but think of it as long, Gracie is who Bailee is taking over)

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(Change the boots the hightop dark blue converse)
(Btw, i know Gracie Abrams has short hair but think of it as long, Gracie is who Bailee is taking over)

I was sat in my car looking at the building infront of me as the tiktok started, i gave them a drained look and did a start of a transition

I opened my locker door because the transition was a black screen and its dark in my locker, i stood my phone up in my locker closed it as the count down went off, i took my backpack off one shoulder and opened the locker shotting my bag in there to make another transition

I took my phone and grabbed my right books and shit for today

"Hiii" i heard and looked seeing my only friend, itssss Aria "ugh, you are energetic" i said and she laughed

I got to lesson and i decided to put my phone in my pencil case zip it up as it started, i unzipped it and looked at the camera confused, i picked it up but made it a way i could make it a cool transition

It was the middle of lesson so i decided to continue the transition

At the perfect time, i put it at the spot it faced last which was the bare back wall, i then put it on my face as the little jump growl, lifting my right part of my top lip up and scrunching my nose and putting it to face the cieling since its all just white

I then continued the transition in science lab, i had the goggles on and the science jacket on and a glove

I put my face facing the cieling and lifted it to show myself dressed like a science geek, then another jump came on so i did a scrunch nose and tongue out face, very close and a little shake

It was then lunch and i did the same face with the shake, i did a camera turn showing my phone and then a smooth turn and i had the sandwich in my mouth, i then did a full turn of the caferteria quite fast but not too fast and stopped it

Okay so the next transition, i had my macbook out and airpods in...asleep listening to music, so Aria managed to succeed a perfect transition, she did the woah class turn and shook it a little on me, doing a few transitions of me sleeping and then accidently dropped it face flat but i managed to make it better

I was out in the car park, i put my phone face flat on the ground and picked it up looking at it weirdly, i shook my keys in the camera

I got in the car, shook my keys and showed them me in my car, i did a turn on my phone and stood it up on my car phone holder, i put my keys in the car as it started, i leaned back on my seat and looked at the camera...and i yawned i fucking yawned to end it

I checked it and it was literally the most smoothest school transition ive ever done

'Finally a school transition i didnt delete, Senior year, the day back after the halloween holiday'

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