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I was standing in my home beside the man my parents called Severus. It was official, I was going to Hogwarts go start my magic training.

"Take hold of my wrist and hold tight." The man said, his voice deep and sullen.

My eyes widened nervously and I looked up at my mother and father who was just feet from me.

My father nodded his head. "It's okay Trixie." He said reassuring me that everything was going to be alright.

Severus took a deep breath. I knew from past experiences that he was growing impatient.

Raising my hand I watched it tremble terribly as I reached out and grasped his wrist tightly.

"Severus-" my dad called out. I looked quickly in his direction. "-please take care of our daughter."

I turned my gaze up to look at Severus and found his face was a blank canvas.

"Of course." He replied.

Then everything went dark as if we were in complete nothingness. All around me it felt as if I was being squeezed. The feeling was nice as it reminded me of my fathers bear hugs. Then it grew tighter and tighter. Soon it was unbearable and I couldn't breath.

Before I could adjust to what was going on my feet met solidness and the constriction I was under fell away all at once.

Weak from the toll my body had taken I fell to the ground on all fours. Panting, I tried to catch my breath. After the first exhale I opened my eyes. The ground under my hands was a worn path, gleaming brightly against the summer sun.

Raising to my feet I took in my surroundings. Before me was a massive gate and beyond the gate was a giant castle. Was this Hogwarts?

I watched Severus eyes me curiously for a few seconds before he walked forward and took out a wand, waving it in a complicated series of motions. Then clanks were heard before the gate swung forward with a loud creak.

Taking a few steps forward Severus stopped and turned around to look at me. "Standing there and staring won't help you silly girl!" He snarled.

I took this as a cue to follow him. Of course he wasn't the nicest person but my parents trusted him so I guess I'd give him a chance.

I followed him through the grounds to a huge door. From there we entered into the castle and made our way to a massive staircase. I counted each floor as we climbed the stairs and stopped when we branched off on the third floor.

We walked for about twenty seconds before we stopped outside a massive statue of a gargoyle.

"Albus." Severus said and immediately it began moving to reveal a hidden spiral staircase.

Severus stepped onto the moving staircase and he began rising. Not wanting to be left behind I quickly followed.

All I knew is that we were moving upwards. We continued rising for several moments before we stopped outside a wooden door.

Severus opened it and walked inside. He waited for me to come in before he used his wand to close the door. Then he took a seat behind a desk.

Behind him were several moving portraits. The biggest was of a man with long grey hair a crooked nose and half moon spectacles. He was more aware then the rest of the inhabitants of the frames. As he gazed at me I had the sense of being X-rayed. His eyes a gentle blue bored into mine sending shivers down my spines and causing goosebumps to raise along my arms. Then he gave a simple wink.

"Put this on." The droning voice of Severus said.

I turned to look at Severus and he was nodding towards a raggedy old looking hat.

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