(S1) Chapter 10: A True Vampire?

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3rd P.O.V

---E-Rantel, Inn of Shining Gold---

Ah! The famous Shining Golden Pavilion of E-Rantel or also known as The Inn of Shining Gold.

One of the most famous locations in the city as well as the most luxurious inn where only nobles and the wealthy could afford to live in. Another positive factor to its reputation is their restaurant which serves the best and most extravagant dishes cooked by first-class elite chefs. This high-class inn uses [Preservation] magic which does wonders to keep their ingredients fresh. Naturally, only the finest of chefs were allowed to turn said ingredients into meals. However, the most skilled chefs used the finest ingredients to produce culinary works of art that only nobility, royalty, or the wealthiest of merchants would be privileged enough to taste.

It was a place where only nobles or the rich would eat, but...

A table slam could be heard echoing from inside, an angry woman was furious about the meal and fine wine. That none other was a familiar Golden-haired woman, one of the Great Tomb of Nazarick's Battle Maids of the Pleiades. That woman was Solution, created by Supreme beings Herohero-san.

Next to her was the Dragonoid known as Sebas Tian, the head butler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. He was created by The Supreme Being Lord Touch Me, He is also the leader of the Pleiades.

Solution: What kind of food is this?!

Solution rose from her chair revealing the elegant yellow dress and the long Golden strands of hair, as she shouted at her Sebas.

From an outsider's view, one would say that the woman was really a noble or a rich woman who truly felt disgusted by the meal and the Butler was being treated harshly.

Solution: It doesn't taste good at all!

Sebas: My lady...

Solution: Sebas! Prepare for my departure immediately!

Sebas: Understood.

With a scowl on her face, Solution had approached another man in a red tux, a bit of a big stuffy red nose and messy, dirty curly hair sitting in the corner of the room eating his meal.

Solution: Zach!

At this angered shout, the man named Zach flinched before he turned around to met her gaze. He wasn't the most handsome man in E-Rantel.

Zach: Y-Yes?

Solution: Prepare my carriage immediately as well! I don't want to stay in this town any longer!

Solution then turned away as she walked up the stairs and went to her room, leaving all of the guests looking at her butler Sebas. When he notice theirs gazes he turned to them and bowed down slightly.

Sebas: I am sorry for interrupting your meal.

With that remark, he soon followed Solution back to her room before stopping at the door to her room. Before he entered the room he knocked lightly and went in when he heard he had permission to enter.

Sebas: Excuse me.

Close to the bed was standing Solution from before, but she was now bowing to Sebas.

Solution: I apologize for my rudeness, Master Sebas.

Sebas: There is no need for you to lower your head. I am currently acting as your butler.

Solution: According to the mission, that is true. However, as a Pleiade, I am also your subordinate at the same time.

Sebas: Well then, I shall tell Lady Shalltear, who must be tired of waiting, out the time of departure. Luckily she isn't alone in the carriage, they may have been keeping each other entertained while they wait.

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