(S1) Chapter 9: The Dark Warrior?

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I devote this chapter to everyone, especially yagokeifer, I have good expectations for your story which I'm glad I inspired.(N-NANI!? How can my shity story inspire someone? I don't even know.)

Edit: I don't know what happened with yagokeifer's story, so I don't know if he took it down or if there's a glitch in the matrix. Still check out his story if it's published

Also forgot you add advice for the last chapter so...

TIP OF DAY: (The trachea or windpipe is a great place to target when faced with physical harm. While it would take a great deal of force to damage a trachea enough to kill someone, it can be done. However, striking it hard enough to take someone's breath is an ideal way to get away from the scene fast without harm to your own body.)

Please use responsibly and use only when needed.

Anyway, Please enjoy this chapter!


In the Cemetery where the old Mausoleum was, Crona and Nabe were Face to face with a Necromancer named Khajiit. Momon was far away from the Mausoleum, busy dealing with Clementine and her blades.

Khajiit: So you're a Fool who can use third tier magic.

Nabe: Fool? A mere human tick is calling me a Fool?

Crona: Don't listen to a single word he's saying, He's just trying to aggravate you.

Khajiit: Is it wrong to call an imbecile who tries to thwart with my plans a fool? And you two are leaping into the land of the dead without understanding the strength of the strong!

Khajiit extends his arm out as he revealed in his hand an magic Orb. Showing off it's "Great" strength with all of his pride.

Khajiit: Feast your eyes upon this supreme jewel!

With that the orbs Glowed a Luminescent purple as it shined Not as Brightly, but enough to see it. Nabe had just stared at the orb until she remembered what Momon had to said to her.

Momon: "Be careful above you"

The two had felt a gust of wind above coming down on them. They both had looked up at the night sky only to see the moon shine down on a white Dragon. The Site dragon roared as it struck it's claw towards Crona and Nabe, where they had successfully dodged the attack by a few inches. It's claw hit the Ground causing dust clouds to arise.

Upon closer inspection on the white dragon, it was revealed that it was a Skeletal Dragon that was composed of countless human bones with an overall height up to three meters tall. It was Formed different types of bones ranging from rib cages, devoid of organs nor flesh, etc. The Skeletal Dragon's head contains four hollow eye sockets, each with a crimson glow. The jaw of the skull is lined with sharp teeth along with a pair of bat-like wings attached to its shoulders and four limbs.

It Flapped it's skeletal wings as it began taking off, heading at high speeds to Crona and Nabe as she tried Unsheathing her blade but was stopped by a Voice. That voice was Crona's as he was seen holding Ragnarok (Sword) up.

Crona: Nabe, stand down! I'll take care of the dragon, you take care of Khajiit.

Nabe: But, My lord--

Crona: That's an order! Don't initiate yet, Observe the enemy--

Before Crona could finish, his sword was hit by the skeletal who Charged at him pushing him a Few feet back. The dragon then flew over Him and Nabe as it flew to Khajiit's Side, when landing it left a Shockwave blowing Some stuff away.

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