(S1) Chapter 8: The Swords of Slashing Death?

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3rd P.O.V.

Nfirea led everyone towards his home, then suddenly someone opened the door from the other side. In front of their eyes stood a lovely woman, but she gave off a vague sense of unease. Her short blonde hair swayed.

Clementine: It's about time you showed up, I was starting to get worried that something bad had happened.

Clementine then Slightly chuckled as she removed her hood to reveal a woman around twenty years old, with short blonde hair and delicate features, giving her a cat-like appearance.

Clementine: Shame on you for making me wait...

Nfirea: Oh, sorry. The shop will open in the morning.

Peter: Hey! Do you Not know who this Lady is?

Clementine: *Chuckles then to soft Laughter* Of course you don't, for he'd be running away.

Clementine then began unsheathing out her Dagger as While everyone saw this, The Four that were carrying the stuff off the cart began dropping their Job and began stepping in to protect Nfirea by Moving him behind them and Pulling out their weapons.

Peter: Nfirea! Get behind us!

Clementine: Your talent allows you to use any magical item regardless of restriction is exactly what I need for my plan. I want You to summon an army of the undead just for me~

Nfirea: What do you mean?

Clementine: Whether you like it or not, you'll wear the crown of wisdom. So you might as well come along. It'll be fine~ What do you say?

Everyone in the shop except for the lady were shocked at her statement. It was as if she was looking to stir up trouble.

Peter: Who the hell Are you?!

Clementine: I'm the last person who's going to see you alive. After you all suffer a slow and Painful demise, Your friend and I are going to Cast a spell and release an undead army together. There's no way to control the large amount of Creatures that are planning on Raising from their graves, so be prepared for utter Chaos! I've waited so long for this power!

Nfirea: Ahh!

With that Nfirea dropped his lantern onto the ground as it obviously Smashed putting out the Flame in it.


Peter: Leave Now! Run away as fast as you can!

Nfirea: I-I Can't.

Dyne: Ninya! You need to flee as well.

Ninya: Huh?

Lukrut: Take Nfirea and Go! We won't let this lady to Capture the both of you.

Peter: You're right! Your Big sisters Are counting on you to save those Aristocrats, leave while you still have a chance!

Ninya: Y-You Guys...

Clementine: *Laughs in a mocking tone* This is the saddest thing, as if anyone could Escape. There's not even a slightest chance that'll happen!

Before Clementine could strike, they heard the door close as they saw a man. That man was Khajiit, the one who was working with her.

Khajiit: Stop playing around.

Clementine: All right, all right, Fine. Please place a spell that'll cover up their screams. I'd like to take my sweet Time playing with one of them at the very least. Okay~

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