(S1) Chapter 7: The Encounter with The Wise King Of The Forest?

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3rd P.O.V.

It was daytime as The Group continued walking without speaking with each other. Nfirea was riding the car, momon, Nabe, and Eruka were following behind the cart while Ninya, Lukrut, Peter and Dyne were on the side of the cart. Crona was walking in front while using THE Headphones he had as he listened to the song Clattanoia as he was swinging his sword. Ninya the looked back to Momon as she was seen with guilt painted on his face.

Momon: 'That was stupid'


As everyone was getting set to Leave to their destination, Ninya then approaches Momon who was sitting down near the Burnt wood that was already into ashes.

Ninya: Hey, about what I said last night... I'm really sorry...

Momon: "..."

*End of flashback*

Momon: 'Mentally and Physically I've become undead. But I still let my emotions take over me.'

Lukrut: Uh... Man, Momon! What's that thing Crona has in his ears?

Peter: I'm wondering that as well but we can't let that distract us from the task in hand.

Dyne: That's right! Carelessness gets you killed.

Momon on the other hand decided to throw a pebble secretly as it hit Crona without the others knowing. As it hit Crona, he then touches the back of his head where it hit. He then saw Momon signalling to put away the headphones as he did.

Ninya: A dragon could ambush us and roast us before we have any time to react.

Lukrut: Give me a break! You can't seriously believe that would happen!

Ninya: There are plenty local legends to support it. Apparently there's a dragon near E-Rantal that can control nature at will. Also I hear there are frost dragons on the other side of the mountains, Maybe hundreds up there.

Crona: *Clears throat* Ninya, you wouldn't know the power of the dragon that can control nature?

Ninya: Sorry, no idea. Although from what I heard, dragons are capable of handling 7th Tier magic which is nearly impossible to use. I'll be sure to ask more when we're back in town.

Momon: Please do, I'm rather intrigued...

Ninya: Kay! Consider it done! I won't let you down!

Crona: 'Ninya seems rather happy that Momon asked. I guess Momon probably regretted snapping at her.'

Nfirea: We should be in Carne village within the hour.

Momon: 'Dragons are the strongest beasts in Yggdrasil. If they do exist, we should be more cautious.

While they continued walking, they walked for 40 minutes on the road as they hadn't came across any foes or monsters which was good. It was when they where getting to Carne village Nfirea notices something off, it was a strange and major difference...

Nfirea: That's strange...

Peter: What's the matter?

Nfirea: That fence... I was sure It wasn't there the last time.

What Nfirea: was referring was a wooden fence that wasn't badly made nor good. However, two strange creatures were behind the fence observing the upcoming Adventures.

??? #1: Hey! Get the boss, we might have some trouble.

??? #2: Hm...

As the group began Approaching closer and closer to The fence, Lukrut stopped the group as Many Goblins began blocking the entrance as they had weapons and armor. Lukrut began reaching for his bow as he then began aiming at the goblin.

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