Chapter 1

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(This song came onto the radio one afternoon and after hearing it the story of Dionysus was born in my imagination.  Hope you enjoy the story.   Song:  The Whiskey Ain't Workin', by Travis Tritt, ft. Marty Stuart)

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, looked around the room. It was the fifth bar he'd been in that night. It was just the same as the other four had been loud, smoke-filled, smelling of sweat, perfume, spilled beer, and full of people trying to forget their problems for a moment in time.

He glanced down at the shot of whiskey the bartender had placed in front of him. He was also trying to forget. He'd been trying to forget for a long time now by drowning in the drink. Sometimes it worked, sometimes, not so much.

Alcoholic drinks had come a long way since he'd first created wine, but it had the same effect on him that it always had. It made him forget, forget his pathetic life, his long and never-ending life. He'd been happy once, happy with his wife Ariadne, playing house and making babies, but his happiness had ended with her death.

With her death, he'd let himself sink to the bottom of a bottle and had been there ever since. Sadly, the liquor in that bottle wasn't working anymore, and he was just a sad and pathetic god looking for something to make his life better.

When his father, Zeus, had suggested he join in on his latest scheme to make time pass faster Dionysus had jumped at the opportunity. Zeus's idea was, what he called, "role-playing" and Dionysus figured it would give him something to do for a while, so he'd agreed. He also thought perhaps it would pull him from the monotony of his life and give him something to look forward to daily. Sadly, it wasn't working any better than the whiskey.

Being in a motorcycle club, a fake one at that, hadn't really done anything. He'd learned a bit about the mortal's cars when he'd become a mechanic in the garage Zeus now owned, but that was about it.

His head lifted as the song playing over the loudspeakers changed and he heard something about whiskey. He began to listen and had to grunt because the words seemed to be speaking of his life right about now.

There was a time, I could drink my cares away
Drowned out all of the heartaches, that hurt me night and day
When the thought of you came crashin' through, I'd have one more 
Now the whiskey ain't workin' anymore!

Dionysus snorted, tossing back the shot of whiskey he'd been holding before crooking his finger at the bartender to bring him another. Yes, so far this song could be about my life, he thought as the bartender poured him another whiskey and he threw down some money. He then turned and walked toward a table closer to the speakers.

They knew my name, in every bar in town
And they knew all of the reasons I was comin' round, round, round...

Dionysus gave a heavy sigh then. Nobody here knew his name, not his real name at least, all they knew is that he could drink most of them under the table and still be sober enough to drive his Harley Davidson motorcycle home safely. Neither did they know why he was there, just that he showed up at more than one bar most nights.

I need one good honky-tonk angel to turn my life around
That's reason enough for me to lay, this ol' bottle down
Well, a woman warm and willin', that's what I'm lookin' for
'Cause the whiskey ain't workin' anymore...

Dionysus gave a harsh bark of laughter at that line of the song. A woman? How will a woman help? The whole reason I'm like this is because of a woman!

Tuning out the rest of the song as he turned in his seat, he looked around, taking the time to really look at the women who were there. Mortal women were different than the goddesses, and modern women were much different than his sweet Ariadne had been. She'd been the daughter of a king and had loved him well. What makes me think that any of these mortal women could ever replace my true love in my mind or my heart? It is ridiculous to even contemplate, much less think it is even possible.

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