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"Ugh man I hate this" I said fixing my tie.

I need my t-shirt right now.

"Nate stop complaining, it's not that bad"

"Easy for you to say, you're always wearing suits. This thing is so tight" I groaned trying to stretch.

Key word: trying.

"Stop fucking complaining we're not here for that"

"Oh shut up Leo! You're here for decoration I'm the one who has to socialize"

"I swear next time I'm letting you come alone" He sighed.

"You wouldn't do that to your pal" I smirked and hit his shoulder lightly.

"Oh you know I would. Plus, you could bring any girl you want, why me?"

"B-but Leo, I thought we were together?" I said clutching my chest and holding back my laughter.

"Cut the crap"

I sighed, "It's because I don't want to have any girl thinking we have a relationship. I have enough things going on, I don't want to ruin a woman's life by getting her involved"

"You're being too dramatic about this"

"Oh ya think? What happened to Tessa, buddy?" I said getting fired up.

"Shut up" He groaned and crossed his arms. "Meanie" he mumbled.

I looked around and saw someone tryibg to approach me. That's why I hated these fancy party like meetings. Everybody tried to socialize and negotiate with you. I was my father's heir and everyone knew it so they always tried to get on my good side.

"Oh my God someone's coming. I'm going to the bathroom to hide. Bye" I said and ran away before he could answer. "Not dealing with this tonight" I whispered to myself.

I peeked in the bathroom to see if there was anyone there. After making sure I was alone, I walked into the bathroom which smelled like bleach and made me dizzy.

I stared at the mirror.

"Damn I look hot"

Okay maybe this suit is working for me. I'm not wearing it again though. It's not even my size.

I was walking past the girls' bathroom when I heard cries coming from inside.

I peeked inside after making sure no one was around.

Nate don't be a perv.

I'm not, I'm just worried.

No one was in there, but I was sure someone was crying inside a bathroom stall. It was barely audible, but if you payed attention you could hear it.

Oh my God, is it a ghost?

I walked inside careful not to be noticed and tried to figure out which stall this was coming from.

It was the last stall and I was a bit scared. What if it was a ghost?

Oh come on Nate don't be a pus$y

Like the gentleman that I am I knocked first. The sobbing stopped.

Oh God what do I say what do I say what do I say!?

"Um hi so I know you're in there. I heard you cry and I got worried. Is everything okay?"

"Who are you?" the girl whispered with a weak voice. She was still lightly sobbing.

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