my boss's arrogant son chapter 7

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*****************I'm back!!! so here we go i feel like i've not uploaded in ages, but that's probably cause i've not.  don't hate me, i've been really busy.  upside is, i have the next couple of weeks off work woohoo.  downside is, i'm still gonna be really busy with xmas and new year and all the night outs that includes.  roll on hogmany is all i've gotta say.  buuut, i will try and upload in between then so don't completely hate me.  Some of you have asked what she looks like, and although i've not really described her in the story yet she is really pretty and i will try and include that in the next chapter which is gonna be better than this one but sorry i haven't already.  Oh, and if i don't upload before xmas i hope everyone gets spoiled from Santa and you all have a great Christmas.*******************************

“So he somehow got your number then ignored you all day?” Jenna asked in a doubtful voice as I picked up the massive tub of cream paint.

I’d decided my living room was in major need of a revamp and had dragged her to B&Q with me while she had a break from University.

“Yeah pretty much,” I sighed as she grabbed a nasty dark brown wallpaper and help it up for my approval.

“No chance,” I laughed and she made a pleading face before giving up.

“Well forget about that freak I have this mate called Craig who would be perfect for you,” she told me while throwing the wallpaper back on the rack with so much enthusiasm it bounced back of and hit the floor with a deafening thud echoing around the empty store.

“I think I’m sick of men right now.  Seriously I’m cursed,” I added when she grinned at me.

“Let me get this straight, you go out with a couple of assholes and suddenly you’re off men,” she asked me sarcastically.

“Pretty much,” I responded lightly, then laughed.  “Okay maybe not.”

“Thought so,” Jenna smiled triumphantly.  “So like I was saying, I have this friend from uni called Craig who’s just broke up with his girlfriend so I’ll definitely get something set up,” she added with a wink.

“Shut up Jenna,” I snapped half-heartedly.

She smirked before asking, “So what is this Evan guys deal?”

“I have no idea the guys just a total loser,” I started, then explained again, “He text me last night after getting my number from god knows where and then ignored me all day today.”

“Did you text him back?” she asked as we walked to the tills with the paint after finding nothing nice enough to put on my walls.

“What last night?  No did I fuck I hate the guy,” I practically screamed.

“So what are you bothered about?” she asked teasingly.

“I’m not bothered, why would I be bothered?” I questioned back.

“I don’t know you tell me?” she smirked.

“Whatever,“ I huffed as I got to the till, getting my card out and paying while she looked through all the crap sitting on the small till aisles.

When we’d finished, we walked back to her car and shoved my paint in the boot before going back to mine.
I was staying in tonight - yeah shock horror it’s a Friday night and yours truly is actually going to be home; call the papers. 

I can’t really afford to go out tonight though, so instead we’re getting some drink and having a proper catch up - seeing as she seems to disappear all the bloody time.

“You never told me what happened with you and Declan you know,” Jenna brought up when we made it into my kitchen, full bottle of Bacardi in tow.

“Nothing to tell really,” I sighed, not really wanting to get into the ins and outs if my last failed relationship with her. 

Yeah we used to be close, and yeah we were still friends but not on the same scale as we were three years ago. 

Nowadays she was more like the novelty friend who could only be arsed with us when she has nothing better to do, which yeah pissed me off sometimes but hey, I’ll get over it.

“Nah don’t start that crap with me missy,” she threatened sitting down on the small breakfast table I have and throwing her bag down with a crash, giving me a stern look.  “Spill.”

I sighed, grabbing two glasses out the cupboard and filling them up.  “Well, he started getting really clingy and I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than a clingy guy,” I told her passing her one glass and nearly downing the whole of mine. 

What can I say, me and my exes are a sore subject to cover sober.

“How long were you seeing him for, 6 months wasn’t it?” she asked curiously.

“Three,” I spluttered out holding three fingers up to get my point across before chugging back the rest of the glass.

“So who was that guy I met?” she queried.

“Jason,” I stated simply.

“Okay and he was…?”

“My ex before Declan,” I finished for her, grabbing the bottle and filling my empty glass back up.  “But he was a total freak.”

“Jesus Emma you go right through men don’t you?” she said shocked.

“No I don’t,” I argued back, before slumping down in the seat next to her.  “Oh my god I do don’t I?  Do you think I’m a bitch?”

Jenna started laughing at me.  Not a little laugh, but a fully blown pissing herself clutching her sides kind of hysterics.

“Yeah you’re a bitch but I love you for it.  And you only go through them all because you have major commitment issues,” she finally choked out.

“I don’t have commitment issues,” I muttered.

“Tell me one guy that’s lasted over 5 months?” she asked me raising her eyebrows.

“Nate and look where that got me,” I snapped, sitting back and downing my second glass.  Yeah I know two drinks in the space of five minutes is a bit mental but hello touchy subject.  I’m basically getting ripped to shreds by my old best friend here.

“Yeah I know,” she said quietly.  “But seriously he was just a complete dick!  You were far too good for him.  And if it makes you feel any better we all hated him from day one.”

“Figured that one out, you didn’t exactly hide it,” I laughed bitterly.  “And anyway you’re one to talk, at least I put myself out there when was the last time you had a date?”

“Last weekend,” she announced smugly, grabbing her blonde hair and sticking it up into a messy ponytail.

“No way you kept that quiet,” I laughed.  “So come on details.”

“What you want every detail,” she smirked.

“You dirty slut,” I teased.

“Shut up you bitch,” she laughed throwing a cube of ice at me.

Three hours and a bottle of Bacardi later we had the great idea to start painting now and my living room was looking like the hottest thing out there through my beer goggles.  So what if I got some on the floor, in my hair, covering my phone, on the sofa and even behind my ear cause it would wash off right?

Jenna had managed to convince me to go on this stupid blind date by telling me he was “fucking stunning’ and arranged it for tomorrow night.

I had even managed to send that prick Evan a very nice text message telling him exactly what I thought of him.  Stupid prick ignoring me all day.  

I am so proud on being able to handle my drink nowadays.  Okay maybe not…

Drunk calling - not really for me. 

Drunk texting - always.

Regretting it in the morning - usually!

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