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Breakfast in bed by: Hades Smūt.

I woke up from the sun rays. Hearing the birds chirping from afar and you laying besides me is perfect. I looked at you and noticed that you've been intently staring at me for awhile now.

"Good morning, honey", I smiled at you.

You didn't say a word and continued to stare at me. I was drawn by your eyes. It makes my knees tremble. It makes my heart flutter.

I was about to rise but you pulled me closer and embraced me.

"Where are you going, Sienna?", you asked huskily.

"Uh Breakfast in bed?", I replied.

"Hmm, let's cuddle", you kissed my neck slowly and teasingly.

"I need to get up. Aren't you hungry?", I insisted while touching and playing with your hair.

"I can always have you for my breakfast", you whispered in my ear and licks my earlobe.

Your soft kisses started to pour and It slowly changed into deeper kisses. I wanted to stop myself but my body isn't cooperating.

Your kisses from my lips went to my jaw. I closed my eyes as your kisses went down and I moaned so loud when you started kissing my chest.

When your hot breathe blew my hardened peaks, I lost it. You continued kissing my cheeck softly and sucks my twin peaks. My loud moan covered the whole room.

I almost lost my mind when you kissed me down there. The pleasure you're giving me is too much to handle. You keep on licking me slowly and teasingly and it's building up so much pleasure in me.

"Adam! Ah! Ah!", I screamed in pure bliss and pleasure.

Every flick of your tongue, every kiss and suck on my folds made me shiver in pleasure. I screamed your name along with my release.

My insides were throbbing and down there I'm soaking wet. I want you so bad and there was no other way to satisfy it so I touched yours. You bit your lower lip as I guided it near my soaking entrance. The way you closed your eyes helplessly turned me on more.

I whimpered in pain. My attention got diverted by your kisses but the pain didn't go away. I slowly grind at you, ignoring the pain. You started to move fastly. It was painful but the pleasure I'm feeling right now is overwhelming.

I moved my body, together with yours. I encircled my hands to your neck and kissed you with so much love. Your tongue conquered my mouth.

You moved hardly and fastly inside me  and I was shivering with lust. Moaning your name repeatedly. Wanting more. Begging you to make it harder and fast. Crying in pleasure. I was so whipped.

Minutes passed by I screamed your name along with my second release.

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