Chapter 5: ...And Breaking Faces

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"We are live ladies and and gentleman, and smack dab in the middle of the main event." Cole says.

"Things aren't looking so good for Randy, Michael."

"I agree John. For those of you who are just joining us, Randy Orton was put in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match against The Shield. And when Randi Jacobs asked to be in the match, Vickie refused to put her in there."

"Some things aren't meant for women Michael."

"But John, Randi was willingly going to compete in this match."

"All i'm saying is I agree with Vickie's decision, and you should too."

"Oh JBL, look at this. The Shield is putting Orton through the ringer!"

Randy had just gotten Dirty Deeds, taken a Curb Stomp, and was about to get speared.

Just as Roman was charging at a beaten down Randy, I slipped into the ring and Thesz Pressed him. 

"Randi causing the disqualification!" Michael says as the ref calls for the bell to be rung and slides out of the ring.

I start pelting Reigns with punches before i'm dragged off of him. My arms are pinned behind my back, and I struggle to get free.

"Let go of me," I say to whichever memeber is holding me. I deduce that it's Seth, because Roman is still on the ground and Dean is across from me with a microphone.

"We didn't want to have to do this Randi, but you asked for it." He drops the mic and comes toward me. I catch him with a boot to the face.

I elbow Seth in the stomach, which doesn't hurt him the least. He lets go of me and laughs, "You didn't think that would hurt did you?"

I shrug, "No, but I was hoping this might." I kick him in the jewels and he goes down after letting out a small cry. I nudge him out of the ring.

I turn around and throw a punch, catching Dean in the jaw again, before throwing him out of the ring.

I look down and smile at them. When I turn around, i'm face to face with Roman and I see the anger in his eyes.

I take a step closer and push him in the chest. He doesn't budge.

"This girl is suicidal," says JBL.

Roman whips his hair down then back up and charges towards me.

I stand my ground, ready to fight, but there's no need to. Roman is jerked around and RKO'd by Randy. Randy rolls him out of the ring thing, then marches to get in my face.

"What the hell was that?" He yells holding his jaw.

I stare back at him without blinking, "That...was best for business."

My theme song plays as I turn around and step out of the ring, walking back up the ramp without another glance.

"Well JBL, as you saw, Randi told Randy that she cost him the match by disqulification, because it was best for business."

"Well, how can she justify her actions."

"I have no idea. Well thanks for watching everyone we'll see you Monday night on Raw."

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