11 | In Which She Spirals

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"Remember when you got that idea that you wanted to run away?" Matty asked as he threw two Oreos in his mouth

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"Remember when you got that idea that you wanted to run away?" Matty asked as he threw two Oreos in his mouth.

We were still at the dock and intended to stay here for a while so Emily and Raj brought us our share of the snacks before opting to do different things - Em wanted to watch a movie and Raj was working on some kind of novel.

"Right. I'd had enough of the hospital and being hooked to a machine that I wanted to run away to Narnia."

"And I felt too guilty to remind you that Narnia didn't exist."

"Anywhere would've been better than there," I whispered more to myself as I twisted the cookie in my hand.

Before I knew it, it had been yanked out of my hand and went down to Matty's mouth.


"New rule: no feeling sorry for yourself around me. I can feel the negativity and I hate it."

"I'd like to see you stop me."

"Oh I will," he got up and grabbed me by my shoulders.

"Matty? What are you doing?" I asked, scared by the mischievous look in his eyes.

"Are you going to keep feeling sorry for yourself?"

"Well, I can't really help ..."

And then I found myself upside down with my head almost in the water.

I shrieked. "Matty! Stop!"

"Say you won't feel sorry for yourself or else you're taking a bath, Dee!"

I laughed as he inched my head closer to the water.

I finally realized he wasn't kidding when I felt the cold water on my scalp.

"Fine! Fine, I promise! I won't feel sorry for myself. Let me up."

And before my head could properly fill with blood I was rightened.

I laughed at the sudden wooziness that overcame me and felt my wet hair.

"Ugh," I grabbed a fistful and tried wringing the water from it. "I hate you, honestly, that was uncalled for."

"Was it?"

"Yes, and not only that ..."

My words died in throat as Matty swept down and claimed my lips.

That was the last thing I was expecting and the air was knocked out of my lungs.

After my initial shock I found that I liked the kiss. It was soft and fiery and the more it continued, the more I found I wanted more.

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