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FlightsLogic provides Galileo Software, Galileo System, and Galileo GDS to travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies worldwide. FlightsLogic travel industry, Galileo System gives a one-stop travel administration doing factors including PC reservation programming, best in class travel system and web executive XMLs. Our B2B and B2C travel software exhibited around Galileo Distribution System are now growing the business revenue of the travel agents over the world. As a fully owned Travel Technology Company, we only deal with the Software part of the Travel domain. With the present area of all the Travel innovation organizations, we stand apart owed to our unique consideration towards the back-office automation of the Travel Portal development. Within a Galileo GDS, the travel agents though have the option to get information and prices of various airlines at one time however still the passengers needed the help of a travel agent to confirm their bookings. While developing a new requirement, where airlines desired to provide a platform that could offer direct access to customers to book tickets, hence Internet Booking Engines were introduced. Galileo is fully integrated with the NDC application program interface, which will improve airlines to distribute their tickets and products through NDC-XML messaging. Among Galileo Airlines GDS, travel offices and the executive's organizations can total their business with further improved and complete determinations of movement substance for booking of flights with ongoing flight information and best offers. Network airline's Travelport Platform can get connected with new API technologies through established industry standards. Airlines can start giving and developing their content with Travelport registered travel agents, corporate travel buyers and travel developers who want to access airline inventory. Minimal effort agents can utilize the Galileo Travel Commerce Platform, which can be associated with utilizing API advancements. Low-cost carriers can improve their content with travel agencies, corporate travelers and leisure travelers who are searching now to book low-cost airlines.

 Low-cost carriers can improve their content with travel agencies, corporate travelers and leisure travelers who are searching now to book low-cost airlines

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FlightsLogic offers to integrate the Galileo software, a classic global reservation, which you can use for business management as well. With the Galileo GDS API integration, you can connect to clients and other service providers through various channels. It works for you and your clients by reducing expenses and helps you gain profit. Galileo GDS is one of the largest global distribution systems today. Through web services APIs, Galileo gives access to online travel contents including airlines, and other value-added services. Using the FlightsLogic booking engine stage, integration of our GDS XML API web administrations should rapidly be possible to your site, allowing you to keep up your website's integrity and unique building and marking. Our Travel Booking Software connected with Travelport UAPI in great demand among global travel companies. Our Galileo Software had secured its position as the global leader in travel technology and travel distribution solutions for the tourism industry, by constantly introducing innovations. Set of solutions like e power suites, web services, APIs and other value-added assistance, let the customer choose what they like. Our Galileo GDS tools are built to deliver professional travel portal solutions. It helps the agents to deliver complete travel plans quickly and efficiently. Our Flight Booking Systems enable visitors to search for availability of flights and make one-way, round trip and multicity booking. The systems are utilized by travel agencies or similar companies, to obtain fixed data about lodging accessibility, airline ticket availability and similar products. Our trip specialists at that point utilize this to book items or administrations for their customers. Our widely using travel software includes a flight reservation system module. FlightsLogic is known as one of the most reliable Galileo Booking System and Software Development Company across the world. We produce development, consulting for all the aspects of B2B and B2C Galileo/ Travelport GDS/Galileo API Integration. Our Galileo Software includes a reservation system for booking of the airline, travel packages, and Galileo CRS system.

FlightsLogic is a leading Galileo GDS Provider who owns its expertise in providing consulting, development for all the aspects of B2B and B2C Galileo GDS / Travelport GDS / Galileo API integration and related solutions. Our development team has the upper hand in developing cutting-edge Galileo reservation systems for air booking and other travel services. Galileo, that may be a leading Travel Technology associate and group action person for the world travel and business, has emerged as a leading GDS system. With good technical support, that it offers - thing is huge for Galileo integration. Galileo GDS system will certainly take your agency to a different level because it will reach the massive set of travel inventories ruled by Galileo GDS. Our Galileo is a standard global travel service distributor system that is related to book air tickets etc. Galileo GDS gives solutions to travel agencies and tour operators worldwide. Galileo Flights API allows connection to GDS Galileo for online booking of airline tickets. Galileo GDS integration solution connects businesses through various travel channels. It helps in buying with airline data management solutions & data intelligence products for international airline services. Manage your travel business with our modern and efficient GDS API integration service. With Airline's global distribution system, the travel agencies can have the global market reach with connection to hundreds of airlines and a large network of travel agents throughout the globe. Highly encountered in integrating Flight ticket booking API with B2B, B2C and B2B2C option, which best suits for travel agents, travel management companies and tour operators. Airlines and global travel agencies favor going for Online Airline API Integration for their business due to real-time airline data, wide network and 24/7 availability. We follow the travel agent's needs and issues and work with the GDS provider's technical team to provide end-to-end solutions.

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Galileo GDS Integration, Galileo GDS, GDS Travel System
Last updated: Mar 16, 2020
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