Chapter 2: Reborn

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In the alley next to the Wu's mansion, three 15-year-old young men were laughing at a fat young man who fell on the ground.

"Fattie. Congratulations on marring a man! Did you enjoy being fucked by a man on your wedding night?"

"Look at his fat ass. The man who fucked him must enjoy it. I wonder if their wedding bed is broken because of him."

"Huh? He is not moving. He can't be dead just because of a fall, can he? Wu Ruo, don't fucking play dead."

The young man in blue gown kicked the man on the floor. All of sudden, the man opened his eyes and shot a hard stare at the three teenager who were scared to step back

Wu Ruo stared them for a moment and soon he was confused, "Jiang Xiaoliang? Yu Tianbao? Pan Feng?"

Were they already over 30 years old? Why were they still young? Did they take some medicine to make them look young?


His right leg and right arm were cut off by Ruan Zhizheng. And his eyes were gouged out and he got stabbed in the heart. His body was burnt. But why was he still alive?

"How, how dare you call my name! Are you looking for death?!" Yu Tianbao tried to hide his fear and kicked him angrily.

Wu Ruo shot another sharp stare at him and quickly caught his foot.

His stare was so sharp that the teenagers trembled. This fat guy looked scary today.

"Jiang Xiaoliang, Yu Tianbao, Pan Feng, how dare you look down upon the Wu family and bully my family at my place." A man shouted angrily from the door.

Wu Ruo looked over and saw a good-looking young man who was wearing a white gown and a fox-fur cloak. He pushed away the three teenagers, "get out of here! Don't show yourself in front of me!"

"Yes. Yes." The teenagers were mortified by Wu Yu, the fifth young master of the Wu family. They ran away immediately.

"Are you alright, sir." Two attendants behind Wu Yu approached Wu Ruo and held his arms. It was when Wu Ruo noticed that he was ridiculously fat, his palm as big as a bear paw, waist looking like a bucket, and legs as big as elephant legs. He was as fat as when he was 13 years ago, the fattest time of all his life.

Suddenly he was shocked. He was not dead and also fat again.

Wu Ruo struggled to get back on feet and froze when he saw the huge brand-new carriage.

The carriage was custom made by his mother for his wedding gift as he married to Hei Xuanyi. Therefore it was 10 feet wide so that he could feel comfortable in it when he rode it back home. But after he lost weight, he burnt it. Why was it here now?

"Wu Ruo, they didn't do anything bad to you, did they?" Wu Yu asked.

Wu Ruo shook his head and continued to figure out what was going on. He felt familiar with everything happening right now. It had happened on his way back to Wu family three days after he married Hei Xuanyi.

"Since you are fine, let's go inside. You don't want to keep your parents waiting." Wu Yu smiled warmly.

Thinking of his parents who had already been killed by Ruan Zhizheng, Wu Ruo was upset. Supported by the attendants, he rushed into the mansion and directly to Shuqing Yard where his parents stayed.

Although people laughed at him in silence along the way, he didn't care about it at all. Because on his mind, he was thinking if his parents were wearing blue gowns and were waiting for him in the yard.

Wu Ruo walked into the Shuqing Yard and saw the middle-aged couple wearing blue gowns. He was relieved. His parents were still alive. And then he was shocked.

Because he was reborn.

He was brought back to 13 years ago, the third day after he married to Hei Xuanyi.

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