New Mission

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Sakuras POV

"AHHHHHHHH" he yelled as I kicked him into a tree. I was done with this it was pointless. Why even bother being sneaky if they know im gonna hear them all the time. Im not stupid.

Oh right i should probably explain what's going on. My name is Sakura Haruno, I'm 17 years old and I am also getting hunted by multiple bounty hunters, and I'm a mercenary and a spy. Why am i like this you may ask. Well all because of a bastard with the last name of UCHIHA, and I'll give ya a hint. He's tge youngest brother. 

Another question maybe, are you still a medic nin. Why yes, yes i am still one.  Also only the leaders of each village know about my services.

And no i dont know why im being hubted but eh dont care. I know weird right well let me explain why i feel way.

AHEM once upon a time there was a boy named Sasuke Uchiha.  He was a happy boy and wanted to be like his older brother Itachi. But than one day Itachi killed his entire clan except Sasuke. Since that day Sasuke became nothing but depressed and vengeful.  Sasuke had tons beyond tons of fangirls, still does too. But there was one girl who cared and loves him no matter what. Tgat girl was, you guessed it, me Sakura Haruno.  I loved him but he always called me annoying and weak. Since he had to save me all the time. Well one day he decided to leave the village to take his revenge on his brother. I tried to convince him to stay but he knocked me out and left me on a DAMN BENCH IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY NIGHT. About a year or so later i finally convinced myself that i dont love him anymore. The end.

Cool huh? I got over the bastard.

Oh hey thr guys waking up. I went up to him and looked at him with emotionless eyes. With that threw a kunai dead center in the heart.  As i walked away heard someone threw the bushes.

"Looks like you finished him" I began to walk back home. Once home i report to Shishou than walk to the house. I walked passed the training grounds and saw a silver haired man read an orange book while Naruto and Sai we sparring. I snuck up and caught him by surprise.

"Hi daddy" its an intereating story yes my father was and is KAKASHI HATAKE.

He swung his arm and swung me to where i was sitting in his lap. "Hi sweetheart how was your mission" he asked putting the book down and looking at me with a smile. "false mission, just another wanna be badass" he laughed. Suddenly Naruto slid on his back his hewd tapping dads shin. He opened his eyes and smile "hey saku-chan where ya been?" he asked curiously. "You dickless idiot, she went on a mission to the mist remember she told us " Sai said "Hello ugly" "hi dipshit " we smiled wt eachother naruto than began yelling at Sai about his nickname. Sai simply ignored him "it was a false mission by the way." i stated. Eventually we got ramen and went our separate ways. Following dad we went home, once there we chilled the rest of the day. I kissed him on the cheek saying  goodnight papa hearing him yawn goodnight mija and we both went to bed.

I felt a hand on my cheeck and a soft kiss hearing dads voice telling me sweetdreams falling into slumber. Only problembwas my sweetdream turned into my worst nightmare. Appearing before my eyes. My REAL father smirking at me. Not letting me wake up yet again.

Hey everyone this is my first nqruto fan fic/Sakura fan fic.
Ps shes gonna go out with Kisa-kun hehe.
Its a phase in which im enjoying so don't hate.
Anyways ill explain the whol Kakashi is my father shit in the next chapter or chapters because it maybe a long flash back and you have to read it in order to understand the rest of the chapters in thia book so yea sorry if its short.

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