Alone on Cloud 9 (2)

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The story switches from past (Grade 10) to present (Grade 12) so be sure to pay attention to the time so you're not confused =)

PS. The picture on the side is of Amanda Royce




"It was love, she said, what else could it be?

It was all that she had, it was all she could need.

Not a trick of the light, nor a wish in the night,

It was real it was true, it was love she just knew.

What was love? She said, for she saw it no more,

Just like that it was gone, disappeared evermore.

It was all in her head, just a slight of the hand,

An illusion, not mystery, now unraveled and bland."


Chapter 2                        Grade 12            

April 19

He was coming back.

I tapped my pencil against my notebook incessantly, while my eyes stayed glued to the clock.

Tick tock tick.

Never had math gone by so slow.

Mr. Barton droned on in the front, reviewing a lesson we'd started two days ago.

And this was supposed to be an advanced class.

It was like he knew no one would be paying attention today, then again, he probably did know.

Figured I'd be the last to hear. Even the teachers knew before me.

Mr. Barton didn't face the class, so naturally was oblivious to the pointed looks being shot in my direction.

No really, go ahead, I just love being stared at like some zoo animal.

I pulled my cell phone out from my pocket for the fifth time in the last 3 minutes and read the text over again, still not willing to believe it.

Michael Conner was coming back.

It was my own worst nightmare coming true, and it wasn't fair. He wasn't supposed to come back.

It went against all the unwritten rules about relationships, if you could even call it that. But then, when did life ever play by the rules?

My first thought of course, had been dread.

Because like any rational person, I wasn't all too pleased that the guy who broke my heart would be in my life once more. The guy I'd once been so naively, completely head over heels for. 

Which brings us to my second thought. Anticipation.

It was pathetic on so many levels, I knew that, but isn't there always a small part of you that can't forget your first love? And I knew it was irrational to think that way after what he'd done, but that was the thing about Michael Conner.

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