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"What the hell? You didn't tell me you're leaving? Like it's 2 am in the morning." Jungkook got off his car.

"Yeah, It's 2 am. People are still sleeping, should I wake you up just to tell you I can't sleep?"

"I am not sleeping."

"What? Sorry, I didn't know. Okay? I'm just curious of what the beach looks like here than any other beaches." Dahyun sighed and looked at the horizon. "I wish everything gets back to normal, not like this."

Jungkook approached her.

"It will." He said and hugged her. "Should we head back to Seoul?"

She nodded.

Jungkook, Dahyun, and Mr. Jeon got ready to go back to Seoul. There are a lot of inspections and checkpoints they had until they arrived to Seoul, they accompanied Mr. Jeon to his flight.

"Where should I take you? TWICE don't have activities yet, right?" Jungkook said.

"Yes, at the dorm. I want to see TWICE."

They got back to Jungkook's car and he drove away from the airport.

"How about BTS?" Dahyun asked.

"Yoongi hyung is celebrating his birthday, tomorrow. I still have to check my schedules."

"Better stay with them for safety, I will stay with TWICE too."


"We missed you! How's staying at home?" Momo asked.

"I missed you guys too, It's good." Dahyun smiled.

"You didn't get bored?" Dahyun shook her head.

"It's really fine, how about you guys?" Dahyun asked.

"Fine, doing great. I went out with your sister last time, she said she's staying home in your house."

"Really? That's nice." Dahyun said.

"And not just that, 95 liners are going out. Jisoo, me, Sowon, Scoups, Jimin, Taehyung, and more."

"Really? You're many. You know we're under quarantine, be careful going out, eonni."

"Yeah, I will." Nayeon smiled.

"You should practice with us, for now. That's our scheduled activity, practice and record. We will be having a comeback for this year, JYP spoke to me yesterday. He is planning on setting the date on Dahyunie's birth month." Jihyo suddenly spoke

Dahyun pointed herself.

"M-may?" Dahyun asked, Jihyo nodded.

"No one knows it except for us." Jihyo said.

Dahyun smiled.


"Aren't you going home yet? I'll pick you up. Don't worry, it's safe."

"I know, oppa. You miss me much?" Dahyun chuckled, Jin called her.

"I do, I want you to stay with me until this virus stops from killing people. Are you busy?"

"Ah, kinda. We're working on new music."

"Not surprised that you're having a comeback, I'll be picking up Jisoo. She's staying in the house."

"Yeah, Nayeon eonni mentioned it. I miss her."

"And, for your information. I closed the restaurant for the employees' safety, and the construction of the new branch stopped."

"Oh... That's okay, oppa. It's for everyone."

"I'm sorry, I really did it late. One of our employees got tested positive by the virus, all of them are quaratined separately. I'm making the restaurant be cleaned this weekened."

"Oh my. I hope they're fine, I wish I could visit. I'll help, oppa."

"Thank you, Dahyun."

"I'll come home." She said.

"You what?" She turned around and saw Jungyeon.

"I gotta go, oppa." She hang up. "Eonni."

"You're coming home? You've been at home for three days."

"Y-yeah, but Jin oppa wants us to stay in his house to be safer. Jisoo eonni is coming home." Dahyun said.

"You are also safe here, we're making sure of that."

"Y-yeah, I know."

"You've been with them for three days, Dahyun."

"I know, I am telling Jin oppa I couldn't go home."


The next day, BTS celebrated Suga's birthday while TWICE became busy working on their new album. Tzuyu still has 4 days before coming back to Korea, Dahyun and Jungkook haven't talked and messaged each other.

Dahyun finished with TWICE early but they are only staying in their dorm, Dahyun made that as an opportunity for her to see Jisoo at home. TWICE members let her, she ride their van going home for safety.

"Jin oppa is not coming home?" Dahyun asked Jisoo.

"I think so, not sure." Jisoo said. "Have you eaten?"

"Not yet, but maybe later. I'll just take a rest for a while." Dahyun excused and went to her room. "I miss my room." She said and flopped on her bed.

Jisoo decided to stay in Jin's house for the rest of the months while Dahyun continued to work with TWICE for four continuous days, she got very lucky to see Jin when she got home from JYP. He brought Jimin and Taehyung at home.

"Sunbaes." Dahyun bowed at them.

"Hello, Dahyun." Taehyung and Jimin greeted.

"Joining us for dinner?" Dahyun asked.

"They will, I'm picking Moonbyul up." Jin said.

"Really? She's joining us too?" Dahyun asked.


"That's great." Dahyun grinned.

"Feel at home, Jimin and Taehyung." Jisoo said.

"I heard you hang out." Dahyun said.

"What?" Jisoo asked.

"95 liners? I thought Jin oppa and Jungkook only does that. Those idols with the same age?" Dahyun asked.

"Ah, yeah. We are, Nayeon too." Jisoo said.

"Yeah, she's the one who told me."

"Oh, yeah. We are." Jisoo smiled. "I should set up for dinner, Jin oppa will be cooking when he gets home from picking up Moonbyul eonni." Jisoo said.

"I'll help." Dahyun said.

"Will you be cooking too?" Jisoo asked.

"Ah, I'll see what I can do to help him for dinner." Dahyun smiled.

"Taehyung and I will help too." Jimin said.

After few minutes, Jin arrived back home with Moonbyul.

"Eonni, I missed you." Dahyun welcomed her with a tight warm hug.

"Oh, I missed you too Dahyun!" Moonbyul got surprised by her doing that. "You're such a very sweet woman." Moonbyul chuckled.

Dahyun chuckled and separated from the hug.

"I will be helping Jin oppa at the kitchen. Jisoo eonni will take care of you while we're cooking for dinner." Moonbyul nodded.

"I'm okay, don't worry. Willing to wait." Moonbyul smiled, Dahyun excused herself and went to the kitchen. There's Jin, Taehyung, and Jimin. Cutting, preparing everything for cooking.

"Still need my help?" Dahyun asked.

"Yep, come here." Jin said, Dahyun approached him.

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