Mornings in the Styles household

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Harry absolutely loves his life.

Somewhere on his solo-career journey, he met Y/N, and he grew very fond of her fairly quickly. She was someone who tagged along on tour, adjusting lights when need be, or collecting wires and such after the show was a success, and Harry finally got the courage to ask her out after about a month of just watching her in silence.

And they dated for nine months before Harry proposed. He never thought he'd be the type to rush into things - he always thought he'd date someone for two to five years before sealing the deal - but he knows Y/N is the one for him (matter of fact, he knew he wanted to marry her on their fourth date, but he didn't want to scare her off) and had a gorgeous set up be made on the night he proposed: lanterns hanging everywhere, candles lit, rose petals - the whole shabang. He got down on one knee and opened up the pretty, pearly, white box, and before he could even ask the million dollar question, Y/N got down onto her knees as well, squealing Yes! over and over while covering her mouth in shock.

And one year after their wedding, they had a baby together - a son - who they love dearly. Harry even took a break from touring until his little one turned four years old, and eventually brought him and Y/N along to shows in Japan, Argentina, New York, and pretty much every show. Harry wanted his family with him at all times.

Now, here they are, the Styles family now settled back into their home due to the tour having came to an end a few weeks back. Harry and Y/N are in their gigantic bed, cuddled together in slumber, with Harry on his back and Y/N nestled into his chest. It's when Harry's eyes begin to flutter open that he hears the pitter-patter of tiny feet coming down the hall, and he smiles a tired smile; he did just wake up after all.

Also: Y/N and Harry know it might sound odd to an outsider that their four year old child sleeps in his own room, but they made it a point for him to realize that he's a big boy, and he needs to sleep in his big boy bed; however, the little one still enjoys a nap here and there snuggled between his parents on a Sunday afternoon.

The small child reaches his parents' bedroom door and reaches up to curl his incredibly small fist around the door knob, turning it to open. Once inside, he even closes the door behind him (Harry and Y/N taught him to always leave things the way he found them) and toddles over to the king-size bed.

"Hey, Tommy," Harry smiles, sitting up slightly as to not wake the sleeping beauty using his chest as a pillow.

"Hi, daddy." The little boy, Thomas, climbs up onto the bed - although with a struggle - and Harry reaches a hand down to aid his son. "No, I got it, daddy." He grips onto the bed's comforter tightly in his fists, kicking his short legs behind him until he's completely on the mattress.

"Good job!" Harry raises his palm in the air, to which Thomas happily takes his rewarded high five. The soft clap awakens Y/N, causing her to grumble and knuckle at her eyes.

"Mama's awake!" Thomas moves to be between his parents and begins caressing his mother's face. "Mamaaa."

The gesture warms Y/N's heart, and she tiredly chuckles, pulling him down to her for a hug. "Good morning, baby."

"G'morning." The little boy gives Y/N a kiss on the cheek, making Harry gasp, feeling hurt he didn't get one first.

"What about me?" Harry's voice becomes higher in pitch, putting on a show for his son to make it seem like he's really upset.

"I didn't forget you, daddy!" Thomas scooches over and presses his lips to Harry's cheek, making his father smile at the loving gesture. "Happy now?"

"Mhmm, thank you." Harry pinches Thomas's cheek, a string of giggles escaping the little boy's throat. "I assume you came in here to talk breakfast items, huh?" Harry pokes his son's stomach. "You're never awake this early on a Saturday."

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