"Don't ever mention this to anyone."

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At around seven o' clock, Laur and Mel showed up at Brian's house. We hopped into her car and she drove us to the beach where the bonfire was being held. When we got there, I was overwhelmed at the amount of people that had shown up. The parking lot was packed with cars and swarming with high school students that I didn't know.

As the five of us climbed out of the car, I realized I had left my jacket at Brian's house. It was colder outside then I had anticipated. There was a slight chill in the air, and I was only wearing a thin v-neck t-shirt.

"I can run back and get your jacket," Brian offered

"It's fine," I shook my head, "It'll be warmer around the fire."

We headed down the path that led to the sand. An enormous fire was roaring down in the middle of the beach. Dozens of students surrounded it. Many had brought beach chairs and blankets, others were sitting on makeshift driftwood benches, and some were just sitting on the sand.

Mel led the group over to an empty spot near the fire. Brian laid out the beach blankets that we had brought. Immense warmth radiated from the flames. I stepped closer to the fire, sticking my hands out so they would feel the heat.

I looked around at the faces that surrounded the flame. I didn't recognize a single one of them. It was a little overwhelming being around so many people that I didn't know. I was a person that could handle pretty much any social situation, but I still preferred to just be around a few close friends.

"Come sit down, Grace!" Brian called me over. Laur and Mel sat on one blanket, while Brian sat on another one. I had no idea where Lyall had wandered off to. Brian motioned to the spot beside him, and I sat down. He scooted a little bit closer to me.

"Still cold?" he asked.

I nodded, "A little bit."

Brian casually put his arm around me and rubbed my upper arm. "Sorry I forgot your sweatshirt," he said. "Body heat will keep you warmer," he joked, snuggling closer to me.

I laughed nervously and discreetly tried to shake him off of me. "It's not your fault," I replied. "I'm the one that forgot it. I'm really not even that cold."

Laur noticed my discomfort from Brian. "Grace, I actually think I might have an extra hoodie in the back of my car. You can run back and get it if you want. The car's unlocked."

"Thanks," I said as I quickly jumped to my feet. I ignored Brian's annoyed look as I jogged away from the fire.

The sun was gone, and a thick blanket of darkness was settling in. As I headed further away from the fire, it became harder to see. My phone was in Laur's car, so there was nothing I could use for light. I blindly navigated the empty parking lot, trying to remember where Laur had parked.

As I was walking, the toe of my shoe got caught in an uneven part on the sidewalk. I tumbled to the ground, skidding roughly across the pavement. My knees were overcome by a burning sensation, and I could instantly feel blood seeping through my jeans.

"Shit," I cried. "Shit, shit, shit, shit." My ankle was throbbing in pain, it felt like it might be sprained. I attempted to get up, but quickly realized that walking anywhere wasn't going to be an option. My ankle hurt too badly too walk on. I collapsed against a nearby car, helpless.

As I sat there wondering what I was going to do, I noticed someone walking around further down the parking lot.

"Hey!" I called out to them, but they didn't react. "Hey, you!" I could only make out their silhouette. It appeared like they briefly turned to look at me, but they continued to keep walking away. "I need help!"

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