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It was rare for a vampire to not belong to a coven - especially when that vampire was Serafino Bathory, first son of the leader to the Bathory Coven.

Kicked out once he turned eighteen, Serafino fled, the knowledge of his father's men always watching him stuck in the back of his head. He never stays in one place for long for that exact reason, and he doesn't plan to - until one of his missions goes wrong, landing him in a situation too severe to be called "trouble."

Serafino wasn't known for having good luck.



A/N: as promised. Twitter chose supernatural, so here we are. even if you don't like this genre, I hope you give it a chance! and if not, that's okay too. (-:

(I promise you I've written supernatural before lmao, so I'm not going in blindly. This is actually an old idea of mine from yeaaaaars ago).


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