10| A Compliment From a Cunningham!

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10| A Compliment From a Cunningham!

"RISE and shine, Teddy!" Matteo called from downstairs

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"RISE and shine, Teddy!" Matteo called from downstairs. "I don't want to hear any bitching! Get your ass dressed and be down here in 10! We have a class to get to!"

I flipped over on my stomach and buried my head into my pillow, groaning loudly, but making the sound muffled enough so Matteo couldn't hear. The first day back to college and I was already dreading my schedule; Sitting in multiple classrooms back to back was going to exhaust the shit out of me.

Matteo and I both had economic theory to start off the day at 10, and then we went our separate ways, and I had business management. They were back to back 90-minute classes, and the good thing was that they were my only classes for the day. But still. The thought of sitting for 3 hours in 2 different business classes bored me to death.

I reluctantly stood up to shower and get dressed, which took me no longer than 5 minutes. When I got downstairs, Matteo was in the kitchen holding 2 to-go cups that I already knew were filled with coffee. He knew me as well as I knew myself, and that meant he knew how I liked my coffee: 2 packets of the pink sugar and a tiny splash of cinnamon creamer. There were dishes in the skin already scrubbed clean, but I knew that meant Matteo had been up for hours already. Maverick had his first class at 8 and knowing Matteo well enough, he had woken up early enough to have breakfast with him.

Matteo handed me one of the mugs and said, "We'll get muffins on the way." He walked to stand in front of me and grinned. "First day back, Mr. Prez."

"First day back," I repeated.

Matteo held up his fist. "Godspeed, Theo."

I grinned and bumped my knuckles with his, as was tradition. "Godspeed."

The walk to the business building was just over 20 minutes from the house, but thankfully the café was along the way. We stopped inside and grabbed 2 blueberry muffins before continuing our walk. All while Matteo talked to me about the current ranking of Syracuse's football team and the probability of them making it to the playoffs. He crushed numbers in his head like it was the easiest thing, and it still baffled me how much information he could hold inside of his mind. Matteo's mind was quite an interesting place to be.

"What are you going to do after your classes?" he asked once he finished playing with statistics.

I shrugged. "Who the hell knows? Maybe I'll find Ava and annoy her some more."

Matteo flicked the side of my head. "Yeah, you're really fucking good at annoying people," he said. "Speaking of Ava—"

"I know. I didn't mention her once yesterday because I know I can be tiresome. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up!" I exclaimed as we entered through the doors of the business school.

"Believe me, I know," Matteo said. "So, about Ava–"

I waved him off. "Come on, we don't need to talk about her right now. I know that I'll be on about it a lot more in the future, you know, once I actually see her again." We turned down another hallway and headed for our classroom.

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