Chapter Ten - Tristan Has an Idea

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Hannah stormed off down the road. I turned and jumped into the car conscious of the girls from the pack at the corner. This was the worst possible situation to be in. Pack members seeing me with Hannah would create curious questions I couldn't yet answer especially with Morgan keeping tabs on me. And I couldn't tell Hannah why I couldn't be seen with her in public. I hated lying to her already and being apart from her when I knew she was angry with me was infuriating too. I needed to find another way of apologising. Again.

"Ugh!" I drove off towards work. It was only round the corner and I parked right outside the garage.

Owen was in a deep discussion with a customer and he waved at me as I got out the car but I didn't go into the garage. I ran off back down to the street where Hannah had ditched me.

The group of girls were still there. I went towards a familiar head of long dark hair.

"Nia?" I said, approaching them.

My sister turned around and the whole group of girls faced me. Nia frowned at me.

"Yes?" she said, flicking her hair back.

"Are you going to be home tonight?" I asked, wondering if she was ever planning on coming home again or if she would continue to crash at friends houses. It wouldn't surprise me if she found her own place soon. Moving out of the pack house had been hardest on Nia. She loved being in the centre of the pack, surrounded by her friends, and hated the disruption I'd caused.

"No, I'm staying at Jen's house tonight." Her green eyes were cold. She spoke to me like I was a stranger, not her brother.

"Fine." I knew Mam was upset that Nia hardly ever came home but Mam didn't want to admit it.

"Hey, Tristan," Jen, Nia's friend, smiled at me. It's a smile I'm familiar with, too familiar with. "I'm having a party at the weekend and you're invited." She licked her lips.

Jen and I used to hook up. She's a wolf in the pack and very attractive, with auburn hair and bright blue eyes, plus a curvy body she knew how to work to get attention. In the past she often had mine. We'd slept together a few times at parties and flirted a lot. Sometimes I'd flirt with her just to annoy Nia as I knew she hated it when I hung out with her friends. I hadn't seen much of Jen since she asked me out and I'd said no. At the time I'd said no because I didn't want a girlfriend but now I didn't feel any interest in Jen at all. She was still the same person, good looking and fun, but I no longer had any attraction to her. Now I'd found my mate and I only had eyes for Hannah.

Hannah was all I wanted.

I wanted her lips on mine, her to taste my skin, her hands on my body. Not Jen's. The thought of kissing Jen now made me feel sick.

"Thanks for the invite but I don't think I'll be coming over," I replied to her offer.

"Why not?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

"You don't want me there, no one from the pack wants me there. It's better if I stay away."

"I don't care what the pack thinks," Jen said, while Nia rolled her eyes. It was clear Nia didn't want me at her friend's party.

"Look, I've got to get back to work. Nia you should call Mam," I said, and started walking back up the street towards the garage.

"Don't forget my party!" Jen shouted after me.

* * *

I worked for a few hours, fitting a new bonnet to a human's car. Owen had more customers than yesterday but they were all human. It looked like pack members were avoiding the garage and it was most likely my fault. I wondered how long the business would last without custom from the pack? Owen might have no choice but to let me go or watch his business fail.

In the afternoon Owen sent me out on a coffee run. I hadn't told him Joyce had basically banned me from her café and I slowly wandered down the road trying to think where I could get two hot coffees from. Joyce's was the only café in the village. But there was a coffee machine in the petrol station on the edge of the village near the crossroads. It was a longer walk but I didn't want to tell Owen about Joyce, not yet.

As I walked along the main high street I caught the scent of her flowery shampoo. Hannah was near by. Instead of going to the petrol station I followed the direction of her scent using my extra sensitive wolf nose.

Hannah was stood at the roadside, a smile on her lips and light in her eyes, as she spoke with my best friend, Jake. It looked innocent enough but the wolf inside of me jumped to a jealous conclusion.

My feet were moving again, heading straight for them. I wasn't sure what I was going to do but my hands were balled in tight fists. But before I reached them a car pulled up and Hannah jumped in. It was her dad picking her up to take her home. They drove off before I'd even had a chance to speak to her, let alone offer her a ride home in my car.

I carried on, heading for Jake. My blood was boiling, I was angry with Jake but also with myself for messing things up with Hannah again.

"Hey man!" he cheered, as I got closer.

Without warning I grab him by the scruff of his shirt. "What are you doing with her?"

I could feel the blood pumping in my veins and that same fever of desperation returned. Part of me wanted to turn into my wolf, right here, right now, and rip into him.

"What the hell!" Jake pushed me away and took several steps back. "What is up with you? I was just talking to the girl. I didn't think you cared that much about keeping our distance from humans. Old fashioned pack mentality you called it."

"Sorry, its been a tough few weeks. I don't know what I'm doing half the time." I hated lying, but I couldn't tell him about Hannah, not yet. I had to keep her a secret from Morgan.

"No worries, I understand. You want to hang out tonight? We can go for a run, it will take your mind of things," he said, straightening his shirt.

"No, I can't, not tonight." I shook my head and threw my hands into my pockets. Tonight I had to find a way to win Hannah over and I wouldn't have time to go for a run. I messed up this morning, and I knew she didn't want to see me, but I had an idea.

Hopefully an idea that would put me back in her good books.


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