Streak of Fire

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When I was young and my soul new to battle,

You were the standard-bearer for the army of my heart.

You were the hero in my fight.

Mounted before me as the standard flickered in the wind,

You were my strength.

When you were at my side I knew I was safe.

I knew we would win.

In the darkest conflicts I could always look up to see that streak of fire,

The bright standard, and know my mother was at its base.

With you at my side, I was immortal, invincible, all-powerful.

I believed I could do anything,

For you were my ever-loving, ever-smiling, unconquerable security.

But there came a day the King himself asked that he might assume this role.

As my banner passed from hand to hand,

There was a moment where it floated freely in the air.

For an instant fear prevailed, and darkness closed all around.

At first I did not know this King.

And I wept at night until I learned his name.

I learned his face, his voice, his touch.

He showed me he was lovable and worthy of trust.

Once He was my captain I could fight again.

No more a demoralized soldier fighting only to survive,

But a revived hero with a war cry in my throat and a marching song in my heart.

The sun shines again.

But my former captain did not cease to exist.

She rode beside me all the way.

She always supported me and will always support.

We are one for we follow one King: Christ,

And we march under one banner,

The symbol of his love for us: the Cross.

"O blest communion, fellowship divine,

We feebly struggle, they in glory shine,

But all are one in You for all are thine.

Alleluia, Alleluia!1"

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