Why Are You Half Naked On My Bed?

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Alba's POV

That was possibly one of the most terrifying things to happen to me in a long time.  That face...and then the scars ripping open.  I shudder as my body remembers the sudden agony and I whimper before I can control myself.

"Alba?" Eoin's voice is sharp and I turn my head so I'm facing him.

"Y-yes?" Jesus Alba, toughen the fuck up.  I listen to the wee voice in my head and grit my teeth, forcing my body to still.

"You OK?" Eoin kneels down so he's level with me and I nod shakily.

"I'm fine." I tell him as I feel the aftershocks of pain ebbing away.  Thank Christ.

"Alba...I'm sorry." Eoin touches my face and I shrink away from the touch, terrified of Crusher finding out, and guilt floods me as I see the hurt on Eoin's face.

All you do is hurt people Alba.  Just leave them the hell alone.

"It wasn't your fault." I mumble as I turn away from him, wincing slightly as I jostle the scars across my stomach.  Terror floods my system as I think of Crusher getting me pregnant.  I never thought that  would be how I had to pay my debt.  I don't think I would've been so scared about having a baby if it wasn't Claw Crusher Jack's  baby.

And this gene he's made - what the hell could that be?  Crusher's idea of the 'perfect fighter' would be a man who could take hit after hit after hit without going down.  A guy who could pack a punch that could bring down a building and a flick that could send a wall tumbling.  This baby could rip me to shreds from the inside without even trying and Crusher wouldn't give a shit as long as the bairne was born.

I hear Eoin creeping out of the room, probably to go sit with Erin by the shoreline - he says she likes the water.  Apparently it calms her down and makes her feel more like the person she used to be before she turned into a fruit loop.  I wish I had a place that made me feel normal - feel calm - but I feel tense and terrified around the clock.

"Ugh." I mutter as I sit up in the bed, accepting the fact I'm never gonna get to sleep.  My head spins and I try not to gag as I wait for the sensation to be over.  I feel the Sick Puppies shirt over my abdomen, crusted with blood, and I shudder.  I glance around, the candle light hurting my eyes, and yank the shirt off.  I throw it across the room in frustration and let the cool air caress my skin.  I throw the duvet off the bed and stretch along the mattress in my shorts and bra, my arm draped lazily over my stomach.  I feel my faded silver scars and sigh sadly.

The one that goes down one side of my ribcage from where Crusher thought I was cheating on him and he dug a piece of broken china between my ribs and dragged it down to my diaphragm.

The flesh that had to grow back around my hip from when Crusher attacked me in wolf form and bit me so hard he ripped a gaping hole in my side.  It took two weeks to grow back and you can still see the faint bite marks.

The jagged line over my right breast that came from one of Crusher's dweebs getting pissed that I wouldn't go down on him and his finger changed into a claw and he slashed it over my chest.

My list could probably go on forever, so I stop running my fingers lightly over my scars.  Instead, I watch the flames flicker and make monstrous shadows on the icy stone walls.

"Alba?" I jump at the sound of Eoin's voice, slightly scared that I didn't hear him come in.

"Aye?" I whisper as Eoin surveys the room.  His eyes widen as he sees me half-naked, stretched on the bed and awake.

"Alba?" He chokes and I peek at him from under my eyelashes.  "Why are you half naked on my bed?" He asks as he blows out all the candles and comes to lie with me.

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