dalawampu't lima

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their round on the ferris wheel was coming to end soon, their carriage slowly descending down, until all customers felt the sudden jolt of the ride stopping. at first they were confused by the sudden stop of the ride, not understanding why they weren't moving anymore. wonwoo could see by looking down, the panic on the employee's faces, talking to each other and not understanding themselves why the wheel stopped.

they waited for five minutes, people yelling down to the staff and asking why they weren't moving, complaining how they wanted to get off. they became quieter when they saw one of the employees holding up a mega phone and yelling to the people stuck in the carriages, "there have been technical difficulties with the ride, we are currently getting help to fix and get you all down!"

the staff were hoping to calm all the affected people down, but that statement only made them riled up even more, protesting and saying how the staff aren't doing anything. "everyone, please calm down! we are getting help as fast as possible, there is nothing we can do except wait for them to arrive!"

"guess we're going to be stuck here for a while." mingyu sighed, looking towards the customers who were protesting and the staff trying to calm down. wonwoo nodded, looking out into the night as the yells of adults were heard in the background.

the atmosphere was slightly awkward, the pair sitting in silence as they waited for the ride to be fixed. mingyu occasionally snuck a few glances of wonwoo from the corner of his eye, and whenever wonwoo caught mingyu staring, he would hurriedly look away and play it off like it was nothing.

"since we're going to be stuck up here," mingyu started, bringing wonwoo's attention away from the game he was playing on his phone. "why don't we play a game, you know, to get familiar with each other."

"sure." wonwoo smiled, sliding his phone into his pocket. "what game did you have in mind?"

mingyu hummed, a finger placed on his lips and thinking of what they could play to get to know each other better. "how about... 21 questions."

"okay, sure. i guess i'll start." wonwoo suggested, thinking of a good question to ask mingyu. "do you have any pets?"

"wow, such a boring question." mingyu rolled his eyes, chuckling when he saw wonwoo pouting and was slapped on the shoulder. "just shut up and answer the question!"

"okay, okay. but no, i don't have any at the moment. but i really want to adopt a dog at some point." mingyu smiled, but stopped when wonwoo showed a face of disgust. "what?"

"cats are so much better than dogs." wonwoo stated, to which mingyu's eyes grew wide.

"nuh-uh! dogs are the best!" mingyu protested. "what can cats do? all they do is sit a round, sleep all day, and lick their balls clean!"

"they don't always do that! it's better than dogs who need to be taken care of every single minute of the day. dogs need to be walked ad groomed and all that stuff whilst cats are independent, fluffballs!" wonwoo argued back.

they argued back and forth for at least ten minutes, talking about which was better, until the ride started moving again. once they reached the ground and stepped out of the ride, it was almost time for the firework show.

following the crowd who were walking to the field where the fireworks were to be alighted. everyone who showed up brought a blanket to sit on the fresh grass, comfortable as they watched the show.

their friends turned up soon after mingyu and wonwoo, laying out three blankets, one for each pair to sit on.

wonwoo shivered inside his hoodie, hugging his knees close to his body but still cold even with the multiple layers of clothing. although it was almost summer, the nights were still cold. mingyu noticed wonwoo's constant shivering beside him, a small sneeze following after.

should i give him my jacket? mingyu thought, but seeing the hoodie and jacket wonwoo was wearing, adding another layer would end up looking bulky and just add a weight to wonwoo's body instead of warming him up. so instead of his jacket, mingyu unconsciously wrapped his arms around wonwoo, his chin resting on the elder's shoulder and his body warmth blanketing wonwoo's own body.

"mingyu-" wonwoo said startled, caught off guard again by mingyu's sudden actions. he was about to protest and remove mingyu's arms from his figure, but in the few seconds that mingyu was wrapped around him, his body instantly warmed up. so instead of doing what he was initially about to do, wonwoo rested his head in the crook of mingyu's neck, the strong scent of the younger's cologne clogging his sense of smell, making himself comfortable in mingyu's toned arms.

to be honest, mingyu was surprised that wonwoo didn't push him away and scowl, which is how he expected wonwoo to react. but that isn't what was happening right now.

something mingyu was also surprised by was how much he liked holding wonwoo like this. holding him so close you wouldn't even think they were just friends. but with how they were set up to talk to each other, would you even consider their bond a friendship? wonwoo never established what they were after a few days of talking with mingyu, but he acted like the two have known each other for years rather than a couple of days.

and it made mingyu confused, and the fast pace of his heart and his boiling cheeks weren't making things any easier either.

bang! the loud noise startled all the viewers as the first firework exploded into tiny, visible light particles then into nothing, vibrant colours that light up the night sky. a few more fireworks were set off, different varieties of explosion sizes and colour combinations, and loud claps and cheers coming from the crowd erupted as the colourful light show continued.

mingyu smiled as he watched the fireworks light up the night, his arms never leaving from their position around wonwoo's body. he felt like a kid all over again, watching the fireworks that would alight at festivals to kick off the start of the summer holidays, spending time with his family when they were all together.

he glanced to look at wonwoo, who was cheering and clapping at the sight of the fireworks, looking like a child seeing them for the first time. a fond smile of adoration and admiration appeared on mingyu's face as he looked at wonwoo.

and holding wonwoo like this, seeing him under the lights of the fireworks, triggered something in mingyu, a feeling he was constantly having whenever he was with wonwoo. seeing wonwoo with the fireworks sparkling and complimenting the stars where they were, was something out of a dream.

was wonwoo always this beautiful?

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