Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Emily's POV

Lauren and I skated down the street towards the beach. It was like that first night I was here. We were both dead quiet for about 10 minutes.

"I'm really happy for you all. Everything is really coming together. You guys have had some really important meetings recently but this was by the far the biggest. I know it happened so fast and all. You all were in shock the whole meeting. I really can't wait for the fans to know about this. How are you?" I asked out of the blue (or pink if you're Dani).

"Shocked. I'm fine." Lauren said quietly as she did a little jump.

"That's a girl's biggest lie haha. No you aren't. You and Amy both were quieter than the others and less thrilled. I know what happened. Call me a stalker or whatever." I said as I looked both ways before crossing the street. If it was a year ago, I probably wouldn't be as guarded.

"What do you know?" She said slowing down in the process.

"I know about you and Liam. I also knew that you guys both have a relationship with great people. I mean you and Ryan are so cute together but I can tell it's not the same." I ranted off.

"I guess you're right. When are you not? Haha I guess I should break up with him. What if Liam doesn't like me anymore? I mean, he seems happy with Leona." She replied.

"Love happens. It can be hard to get or hard to block. There's something about you two though. Liam isn't himself anymore since his relationship with Leona. He looks sadder than before. My brother actually met him in a park in England one day. He showed him you girls. He was awestruck with one of you. Your face was stuck in his head. He even said he got butterflies when he saw you." I said.

"How do you know all of this?" She replied. I must admit, I did sound very stalker like.

"We DM each other a lot. Dylan told him about me and about how I know you all so well. He wanted to know more about you." I said with a smile, hoping she would feel better.

"Okay, I'll break up with Ryan. Everyone is going to hate me though. He's such a good guy and all. I don't know how I'll be able to break up with him. Did I ever tell you I got Liam's number? Oh yeah, what happened to Amy?"

"Yeah, Liam told me. Shoot, I forgot I mentioned that. She doesn't even know I saw." I mumbled.

"Wait, what happened?!" Lauren said impatiently.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I was up on night or early morning rather. I couldn't fall asleep, neither could Amy. I heard her sneak out of the house. Anyways, an hour later, she came back... With someone. I heard them quietly talking and I looked out the window. I saw them kissing. It was very weird but cute. Want to know who it was?"

"Who?" Lauren said eagerly with wide eyes.

"I'm not going to tell you." I said with a cheeky grin. I looked at her, she had a puppy dog face drawn on her. "Oh fine! It was Niall. Don't tell anyone yet though."

"Can this day get any weirder?" She said. I laughed quietly at her and kept skating. "May I ask where we are going?"

"We are going to meet Ryan at the skate park." I said while putting some music on.

"Really? You are terrible!" She replied back and sang with the music. "I knew you were trouble when you walked in."

"Haha, funny how that song came up first." I said laughing at her.

Katherine's POV

I quietly walked down the street. It was beautiful out. A perfect temperature and just an amazing day by itself. Even though the album comes out in three days, I was writing songs like crazy lately... Except for today. A big writers block overcame me. Maybe excitement from today's events contributed. Maybe the fact that the last time I went on a walk for inspiration was the night Dani tried to kill herself. The events from that night kept haunting me.