dalawampu't apat

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they walked towards where the ferris wheel, the flashing colours of the lights along each piece of steel that supported it illuminating the structure, allowing it to be seen from miles away. there was a long line of people queuing up to go on the ride, but they only had to wait 20 minutes until it was finally their turn to ascend.

wonwoo was slightly nervous, hesitating to join mingyu in the enclosed carriage. it was one of those ferris wheels where it was a two-seater carriage with only a metal bar to prevent you from falling to your death. when they were strapped in their seats, wonwoo was holding the bar tightly, his calico plush snug between his arms.

mingyu could tell wonwoo was nervous, judging by his worried look and his small shaking, the cold adding onto his shivers. so without thinking, he placed his warm hand on top of wonwoo's, hoping to ease wonwoo's nerves. although he was the one who initiated the small gesture, mingyu ended up turning to the side to hide his heated, rosy cheeks, still not understanding why he was becoming this flustered and shy from direct contact with wonwoo.

of course, wonwoo was surprised by the sudden contact of mingyu's hand on his, but the warmness of the younger's hand, it felt so right and comforted him easily. they slowly started to ascend to the top, stopping every few seconds for the people below to get on. once all the carriages were filled, they did one full circle on the ferris wheel.

they reached the top and it stopped. and boy, was it an amazing view, almost as amazing of view from the watch tower the pair visited a while ago. from the top, you could see the city illuminated in a glowing, warm yellow. the sounds of the rest of the city almost audible, occasional planes taking off and landing in a nearby airport.

mingyu could see wonwoo's eyes light up at the sight of the lit up city, taking his phone out, being cautious not to drop it, and snapping photos of the beautiful view. "it's so beautiful." wonwoo said quietly, not expecting mingyu to hear, but he did.

"i've seen a better view." mingyu said as he looked at wonwoo, who was still trying to take a good photo. wonwoo only rolled his eyes.

"oh really?" wonwoo asked, mingyu nodded. "where? because i'd love to see it."

mingyu hummed, thinking of what to say. "maybe i'll take you there when i have the chance." wonwoo smiled before diverting his eyes back to the city lights. mingyu just started fondly at wonwoo, admiring every small feature he initially didn't notice before.

and in the back of mingyu's mind, a small voice was talking to him, saying things he would deny and wouldn't understand why he was having these thoughts in the first place. but a part of him was saying, when looking at wonwoo, that mingyu would take him anywhere the elder wanted to go. that mingyu would be the one to travel the world with him, show wonwoo everything he missed and was stopped from seeing. even as young as they are, mingyu wanted wonwoo to experience the parts of the world he missed out on.

and mingyu wanted to be a part of that experience. a part of him was telling himself that he wanted to be the one by wonwoo's side to experience those things.

he shook his head in disbelief. why could he be possibly want that? why was he thinking this way in the first place?

could he be possibly... starting to have feelings?

no, no, no! you can't have feelings for wonwoo. you're crazy to even think that as a possible reason for you to be feeling this way, is what mingyu thought to himself. he doesn't love wonwoo at all, not even have a little crush on him. love was stupid. being in love is stupid. he didn't need anyone, he didn't need to love. his brain was telling him no, love wasn't something that he needed.

but his heart, was telling him something different. his heart was calling for wonwoo, and it was scaring mingyu. his heart was telling him to hold wonwoo, to hug wonwoo, to touch wonwoo, to kiss wonwoo, to protect him. his heart wanted to love wonwoo and let go. let go of all the pain he had been keeping in because of his past.

mingyu was so confused. his mind was a mess. he needed to talk this out with someone. he needed to be proved wrong. he needed someone to tell him that what he was feeling wasn't love and that he was just through a weird phase.

it has been four days of being with wonwoo, and he's fallen for him this easily? did he really fall in love with him? did he allow wonwoo to take his heart this easily?

this feeling... was it love?

oh, and the view mingyu was talking about? the only view he had in mind was wonwoo.

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