Chapter 24

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"Why on earth are you writing a letter to yourself!"

Eric chuckled as he scrutinized the letter, his expression and tone playful. Kat felt like she could throw up, he insides were churning and she could swear she tasted bile in her throat. He would not believe her, she knew it for a fact.

Kat took a sharp intake of breath and knew if she didn't spit it out already he would never know and then we she left he would be confused. Eric noticed that she was not firing back a defence like she usually did and his face fell. He sat down beside her,  abandoning the letter, and he took her hands in his own.

"Katherine, are you feeling well?"
He brushed a finger against her cheek as an action of comfort and waited patiently for an answer.

"I am not Lady Katherine."

Kat didn't know what else to say, but she could see he was confused and she took another deep breath in.
"My name is Kat Jones and I was born on August 5th 2001. I was reading a book in my own apartment in London when I fell asleep and woke up in the past."

The silence in the room was radiating. Eric's face contorted as he tried to understand the words that had just been spoken.
"Katherine, what are you playing at?"
His voice was barely a whisper.

Kat felt her heart drop into her stomach, of course she wouldn't believe why did she even bother.
"No, I-I-I"

"Katherine I know you aren't feeling well but avoiding the problem isn't going to make it better."

Eric tried to hug Kat but she removed her hands from his and stood up, she was angry.
"I am telling you the truth why wont you listen!"

"I am trying to understand but this doesn't make sense to me!"
Eric sighed in exasperation and his his face in his hands.

"I have told you everything,  why doesn't it make sense to you!"

"Katherine I-"

"It's KAT!"
Her voice was too loud,  too aggressive and she could see Eric cringe as the word left her mouth. She couldn't bear for him to see her like this so she ran.

She ran down the hall and down the steps ignoring all the maids who tried to stop her to ask if she was feeling well. Kat could feel her eyes welling up but she did not bother to wipe the tears away, they began to cloud her vision but she kept on going. Where she was going, she did not know. She just wanted to leave and get out of there.

She could hear Eric far behind her trying to catch up.

"Kat please!"

But she ignored him and kept going.

"Kat No-"

She stopped where she was and wiped her eyes, only to see a carriage hurdling toward her but it was too late.

Everything went black.

The bed was soft and a hand was caressing her head that Kat found very comforting.

"Ssh Katherine its OK."

A voice that Kat had not heard in a while woke her up and she shot up in the bed with her eyes open. She was in her room, her room in 2019 but it was weird and different. It was dark and her vision was flashing but she could see her mum with a worried look across her face.

Then once again it went black.


Ew I hate this ending so much. And yes it is an ending although I have a pre-written epilogue but dont get your hopes up because its just as bad ahaha. I will definitely  be re writing it so its better. Im really sorry that its so bad but my mental health has not been the greatest recently. I just cant write this story right now but I will be coming back and re writing this whole story. I've really enjoyed the experience of writing this story more than others and I want to really focus on perfecting it so its publishable ehehe...

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Love you guys so much! 

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