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I woke up to the sound of someone yelling from downstairs "BREAKFAST" it was my mom Pattie Mallette

PATTIE MALLETTE is my beautiful, gorgeous mom that gave birth to me, my younger brother and sister Jaxon Bieber and Jazmyn  Bieber a.k.a. Jazzy.  Those munchkins are adorable. My mother has been there for me through everything not that my dad hasn't. Well they're divorce, not much to talk about with that factor. My point is my mom deserves the world, I love her so much, I would do anything to protect her.

I got out of bed without a shirt, I'm always shirtless. I slowly made my way to the shower spent a good while in there, came out, got dressed and headed downstairs. The smell of pancakes hit my nose.

Justin: Goodmorning mom

Pattie: Hi sweetie, how did you sleep?

Justin: Good and you?

Pattie: Fairly well. I made you some pancakes

Justin: Yum!!! *licks lips* Thanks mom *grins*

Pattie: Eat up son. I'll be visiting your dad today

Justin: Why?

Pattie: To discuss something, you'll know what it is soon

Justin: *eats* why not now?

Pattie: Eat its the least of your worries right now young man

Justin: If you say so

Pattie: I'll be back later

Justin: Hey mom where's Scooter?

Pattie: Upstairs, he'll be down in a while

Justin: Okay. Love you

Pattie: Love you too, stay out of trouble


Scooter is my director. He's a fun guy at times but boy can he be strict. I think its because I'm 19 he's so hard on me but otherwise he's preety cool.

I was finishing up my pancakes when he came downstairs

Scooter: Hi Justin

Justin: Hi, mom went out

Scooter: I know she informed me

Justin: Why is she going to visit dad? Is something wrong?

Scooter: *clears throat* You'll know soon

Justin: Why is everything soon in this household? *throws plate in the sink and scoffs* No one ever tells me anything

Scooter: Justin.......

Justin: It's fine Scooter *checks Twitter feed* That jerk never stops does he?

Scooter: Who is it?

Justin: Drake Bell

Scooter: Oh that guy

Justin: Now  he's saying "Leave @justinbieber alone! He is just like the rest of us ! His "personal dresser" puts his pants on one leg at a time too!!

Scooter: *laughs*

Justin: NOT HELPING!!!

Scooter: I'm sorry

Justin: He ought to shut the hell up

Scooter: Now Justin, you know that tweet isn't true

Justin: Now is not the time for advice Scooter. It's always me this, me that, he needs to shut up for once. I'm going to my room...........

Scooter: Don't do anything stupid and there's no rehearsals

Justin: Okay...........

Scooter: *texts Pattie* I don't think Justin will handle the news well

Pattie: *texts Scooter* Let's just hope he does

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