Chapter Two

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The beach was amazing, I always love spending time with my friends..

We all walk to the ice cream shop nearby and get our favorite ice cream. Avani rode on Anthony's back and Charli rode on Chase's and i was pressured into riding on Bryces which I felt terrible doing because it left Dixie walking by herself.

I glance over at her watching her feet as she walked and as i do so she looks out at the ocean.

We get to the shop and all get our usuals. I loved mint chocolate chip and Dixie always got cookie dough.

"Maybe I should get a boyfriend I'm kinda always seventh wheeling" Dixie laughs and I shake my head in denial. "please don't," I beg and she glances at me with a smile and looks away.

"I won't but I probably should," She says and I exhale relieved she's not getting one anytime soon.

"It's not all that fun," i say just in time for Bryce to pick me up from behind and pull me away from Dixie.

"Are you two like in love you spend more time with her then you do with me," Bryce says jokingly and I shrug and look over at her, she looks upset but avani is with her now.

Bryce kisses me and then wraps his arm around my shoulder and walks over to Chase and Anthony bringing me with him.

"A thousand bucks to convince Dixie and Addison to have a three way with you," Anthony says laughing with Chase and i crease my eyebrows.

"I could do that for free," bryce claims and I laugh knowing that's not true.

Dixie would never do that.

"You wish," I say and they both laugh at him.

We finish up our ice cream and walk back to the car this time only Avani was riding her boyfriends back.

I glance over at Dixie who quickly looked down clearly looking at me first. I feel her pinky touch my hand and I look down at her hand and back up to her smiling to herself.

I interlock our pinkies and we continue to walk.

We pile back into the car and drive home. Dixie has road rage so half of it she spent being upset at stupid drivers, the other half we were singing.

We all decided to watch a movie downstairs on our projector so we all get a quick shower and change into our Pjs.

"So how was the sex today?" Dixie asks me as she showers and I shake my hair dry putting in the hair gel to make it soft.

"Terrible," I say honestly and she laughs loudly in the shower.

"What'd he do now?" She asks.

"Couldn't take no for an answer," I say and she's quiet for a few seconds before replying, "Wait did he-"

"No.. I just gave him a blow job, but he was so pushy like always, i feel like i can never tell him no and then when i was changing he took a video of me," I rant and Dixie turns off the shower opening up the shower door and grabbing a towel.

I glance over at her as she wraps it around her.

We see each other naked often, I mean we're roommates it's hard to avoid it.

"Drop him Addi, he's a pig!" She insists and I sigh and look at her with my puppy dog eyes.

"I'm serious before he actually, ya know," She
mumbles and I run my hands through my hair.

"He wouldn't,"

"He definitely would," Dixie says quickly and I sigh.

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