Aiding The Brokenhearted

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"I never know what I'm supposed to feel; sorrow, anger, shame, or guilt. But that damn heartache comes and it hangs, lingers until it feels as if your last day is here and over you'll keel." - Angel E. Sinclaire

Junie stared on in annoyance, his top lip turned up as he watched his sweet Angel struggle to rid herself of the self-absorbed parasites she'd considered her other friends since their early childhood.

The soothing and soul nurturing atmosphere he'd created shattered at their loud and unwarranted entrance, their voices and bad advice setting back the work he'd done to pull Angel out of her funk.

Fingers to his temple, simulating a gun, he 'shot' himself and threw his head back as the shrieking of falsehoods and fallacies continued.

"See, that's where we different Girl. I would have gotten out of bed, gone clear across town, and slashed that bastard tires."

"And bashed his windows."

Junie interjected, growing more incensed as Angel groaned and buried her face in her pillow. He could hear the sobs that escaped, watched as her shoulders shook. The parasites just stood over her, cackling obnoxiously and lying about what they would have done if it were them. "First of all; both of y'all men cheating and y'all dummies still sticking it out just to say y'all got a man."

"Juniiiiiiiie, please." He rolled his eyes, motioning with his hand as if he were zipping his lips. Angel was far too nice, treated everyone with the same kindness and respect. Rarely found the nerve to lift her voice, even when she knew someone may have meant ill will towards her .  He couldn't say the same of himself. 

Keisha and Kayla, siblings that grew up in the same rundown tenement as Junie and Angel had begun as adversaries to the both of them. Always looking for a friend, and a bit of a pushover, Angel grew up accepting each and every flaw they displayed as they went through their adolescent years. She held hope that they'd changed, forever certain that there were no true harmful intentions behind their questionable actions. Junie on the other hand, constantly mistreated in one way or another, learned fairly quickly to read people and their true intentions before he allowed them to get close. 

Keisha and Kayla were about themselves, often spoke harshly about one another and others, and could very rarely be counted on for genuine help or support if there was nothing they could gain from it financially. "Why are you even here, Junie? What help are you?"

"The kind of help that won't run off the first time stale dick calls." He pushed both women aside, reclaiming his seat beside Angel. As he rubbed her back, he spoke gently. "Now, while I agree with the Fake Ghetto Twins that you need to get up and get out the house, it does not have to be some rowdy and raunchy club. We can go somewhere quiet, relaxing."

"Boring! If you ask me, Girl could stand to cut loose at least once in her life."

"We didn't ask you though, Keisha."

Angel waved them all off, burying her face deeper into her tear soaked pillow. "I don't want to go anywhere. I don't want to do anything"

"He sure ain't laid up in his room crying." Once again, Junie hated to agree with either of the women disturbing his friend, but it was true. And he was certain that deep down Angel knew it too. "Trust me, best way to get over a man..."

"Get under a new one!"

Junie exhaled sharply as Keisha and Kayla gave each other a high five, cackling like a pair of witch's over a deadly brew. He leaned down, whispering. "Let's ditch the parasites and do our own thing."

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