Part 22 ; His revenge

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"If you really love y/n, why do you cancel the engagement?" Namjoon asked as he entered Jimin's Official suddenly without knocking the door and sit on the luxury couch. "It wasn't me who want to cancel my engagement with y/n but
I was forced and opposed by them when I was still low" Jimin said in sad tone.

He never wanted to cancel his engagement with y/n but he did this all because he was forced. "Wait, what do you mean you've been forced by them? Who forced you? Your parents?" Ask Namjoon again to Jimin then he smiled at Namjoon.

"Not my parents only force me to cancel it but there a second person forcing me too" Jimin said as he holding the wine glass with his fist. Namjoon was a bit surprised when Jimin suddenly break the wine glass with own his fist. "C..Ceo Park, you're bleeding."

"The wound in my hand is a normal wound but the wound in my heart is difficult to cure" Said Jimin in a fit of anger. "Mr.Oh, please take the emergency box now" Said Namjoon directed Jimin's assistant. "Sure, Mr.Kim" He said as he bow at Namjoon before stepping out.

"Listen here now, Jimin. I know you were very hurt about what happened a few years ago but you have to remember that y/n is Jungkook's wife and you can't take her as you planned." Namjoon advised Jimin. He suddenly laughed in evil when he heard Namjoon's words.

"Jungkook's wife? Y/n is not Jungkook's wife anymore. He has ruined y/n's life!!!" Jimin suddenly raised his voice to Namjoon. "So now I want you to answer this question. What does Taehyung had done on you until you want to destroy him also?" Jimin look at Namjoon with a serious face.

"He was the one who was blocks my plans to ruins y/n and Jungkook's married all this time" Namjoon looked at Jimin confused. "Don't tell me that Taehyung loves y/n too" Jimin smirks at Namjoon.

"Although it's hard for me to believe but that is happening now and what's even more surprising to me is that he met y/n's parents to propose to y/n." Namjoon looks at Jimin's face.

"Isn't Taehyung's dad an enemy of y/n's grandfather? What's going on right now !? Don't you think Taehyung is planning something right now? Taehyung's father was the mastermind of Yuna's grandfather's death during a previous fight, wouldn't you have known about it? "

Namjoon said in shock. Impossible !! Y/n is the granddaughter of Taehyung's father's enemy! "You think I'm too stupid to not know about all this? That's why I must destroy Taehyung before he can marry Yuna !!! "

Jimin suddenly stood up as he put his gun in his pocket and fired a few shots at his office wall. "Isn't it something else for you to shoot?" Ask Suga after opening Jimin's office door and coming inside. "Shut up!" Jimin gives Suga a death glare.

"If you really love Y/n, fight to get her back but don't let your anger down on this wall" Suga advised Jimin.

*Skip Times, 123 Coffee Gangnam*

"What are you thinking right now? you didn't talk all that time we stopped here, are you in trouble? " Ask Minho before he drinks the coffee he ordered. Taehyung turned his attention to Minho after looking at the beautiful scenery in Gangnam.

"I'm fine, dude." Taehyung gave Minho a fake smile. "Ceo Kim Taehyung, stop lie to me and tell me what happened to you and Yuna last night? You didn't answer Y/n's call, did you two fight? " Minho said with dissatisfaction.

Taehyung looked at Minho with a pensive look. "I don't even know how to explain to you. I'm very disappointed with Y/n's attitude now. " Minho was quiet for a moment when he heard Taehyung's words.

"He rejected your proposal?" Taehyung shook his head. "I don't know but because of Jungkook, I don't know what Y/n's attitude is anymore." Minho looked at Taehyung with sympathy.

"Tae, you can't force her to marry you all of a sudden and you know that Y/n got divorced by Jungkook in a cruel way. Think about it positively now, she might be scared to get married again. And try to give her space to think but not to pressure Y/n. "

"Because of Jungkook too, Y/n lost her baby in her stomach. Tae, you should give him space to think about your proposal. I know you love Yuna a lot but not in a way that might force her. " Minho said to Taehyung.

*Jeon's Company, Jungkook's Official*

"Mr.Lee, get the cart out of the lobby now and let me drive the car. "Jungkook told his assistant. "Sure, Ceo." Mr.Lee said before stepping out. Jungkook sat halfway down the desk as his right hand began to massage his forehead.

"Why is all this happening now? I think I've lost everything now. I've lost Yuna and my own child. "Jungkook said to himself. "I've lost everything now !!! My wife !!!! My son !!!!! I've ruined my own wedding !!" Jungkook screamed and destroyed the luxury furniture in his office.

And he regretted the loss of Y/n and his own son in his life and even angered him when he heard Taehyung's proposal to Y/n. "I'm so sorry" Jungkook said as he destroyed all the furniture in his own right. " ?? Here you are, Ceo."

Mr.Lee said opening the door while holding down the Jungkook lamborghi car key. "Cancel all meetings with all board members tomorrow. I want to rest my mind for the time being. If anyone dares to disturb me, I will not hesitate to shoot them with my own gun" Jungkook said before taking the car key.

Jungkook drives a Lamborghini car with a high speed limit. But his hurt feelings began to control all his emotions until he no longer knew how to control him. "Please come back to me, my love. I can no longer lose you"

Jungkook said as he drove at a faster rate. "Why would I 'kill' my own child !!!!! Why!!!!!" Jungkook screamed as he hit the car's steering wheel but he suddenly slowed down the speed limit until the sound of tire friction on the road could be heard.

He nearly hit a pregnant woman who was crossing the road and quickly got out of her car to see the pregnant woman. "I'm so sorry. are you okay, miss? "Jungkook asked with a guilty plea." Yeah, I'm fine "said the pregnant woman to Jungkook.

When he saw the pregnant woman's stomach,
he paused for a moment and remembered that he had 'slept' with Y/n before as he asked himself.

"Are you pregnant again, y/n??"

To Be Continued...

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