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"Man, the Grinch has a big butt." Donna said as they watched the Tv. Lana took a picture of Donna on the Ladder by the tree. 

"Yes. Nothing says Christmas like a big, green Grinch ass." Fez said nodding his head

"Hold the ladder for me." Donna asked Lana. She put her camera down and held it still for Donna.

"So, Eric, what are you doing Christmas Eve?" Kelso asked.

"My parents are having the same,lame Christmas party..." Eric explained, "they have every year. All the adults".

"They make him sing the high part in the little drummer boy" Lana laughed.

"Lana" Eric whined like a child.

"I just love Christmas." Jackie cheered ,"It's all about good tidings and cheer.And shopping."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what Jesus was going for." Lana said rolling her eyes.

"I give, too.", Jackie said in her defense, "Every year, my friends and I deliver gift baskets...to the unfortunate."

"I think you mean less fortunate." Donna corrected.

"Okay, whatever. Bums." Jackie said over the conversation.

Kitty came down the stairs, " Oh...What are you guys doing watching cartoons?Holiday Inn is on!" She started to sway to the music and walked over to Lana and tried to make her sing with her.

"Where the treetops glisten. La, la, la," Lana sang with her mother. Lana was actually a good singer but hated singing christmas songs.

"Eric, Lana, come on, help me get the decorations." Kitty said. 

"Sure, Mom." 

"You know what You're getting Donna?" Lana asked Eric

"I was thinking perfume... I know she likes that white shoulders stuff." He said helping their mom get the box off the top shelf.

"That's a good gift" 

They pulled down the box and opened it to see an unexpected surprise. Kitty and Eric ran out of the room screaming. Lana rolled her eyes and grabbed a rag off of the floor and picked up the rat from the box. It was surprisingly very calm,Lana felt kinda bad for it. It was really cold outside.

Lana walked out and saw Eric with a look of fear and the rest of the gang looking confused. "What happened?"Donna asked.

" were going through...a box of Christmas decorations...and we found the Christmas... the christmas... the christmas" Eric said unable to get it out.

" rat! A rat Eric" Lana said holing up the rat who was wrapped up in the towel. 

The rest of the gang ran out of the basement leaving Lana and the rat by themselves. "What wimps uh?" She said to the rat.

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