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I wheeled my fairly light suitcase out of the arrivals gate and sighed. The jet lag was killing me. Huffing out a big breath of air, I walked briskly towards the big glass elevators up to the second floor to get out of the airport. When I reached it, I joined the long queue and frowned. There was a large group of old age pensioners at the front of the queue, all slowly getting onto the lift. Knowing how impatient I was and how mad I would get, I decided against the elevator and exited the queue. I wheeled my suitcase past the lift and towards the stairs. Breathing out slowly, I pulled on both straps of my backpack and lifted my suitcase onto the first and second step. A long strand of my hair fell onto my face and I let go of my suitcase to clip it back. Big mistake. As soon as I let go of the handle, the suitcase just toppled over and fell down to the bottom. I swore quietly and went back down to pick it up, but I was stopped by someone holding me back and rushing past.

"Are you okay?" He asked with his back to me. He had a familiar British accent, which confused me. An English person, in America? I sighed and scratched the back of my neck. He stood up and propped my suitcase upright, then turned around to look at me. I had to bite my lip to not scream out.

"Yeah I'm fine. Thanks." I replied quietly.

"Hey, I recognise you! Macy, right?" He grinned and I nodded.

"That's me." I bit down harder on my lip and grinned.

"I watch your videos on YouTube!" He chuckled.

"I watch yours!" I laughed too. I looked up the stairs and grinned even more.

"So, Dan, what brings you to America?" I asked, looking between the two of them.

"We'll talk in a second; let me take this up for you." Dan smiled and picked up my suitcase, making it seem effortless for him. I jogged up after him and greeted Phil at the top. He was waiting with their suitcases.

"Thank you so much!" I grabbed them both and we had a very weird group hug. I pulled away from them and beamed.

"No problem!" Dan chuckled.

"So as I said before, what brings you here?" I asked both of them as we wheeled out suitcases out the airport.

"We just decided a holiday was in order." Dan squinted due to the harsh sunlight. He pulled out a pair of Ray Bans and put them on.

"I'm visiting my girlfriend too." Phil beamed. I remember his video about introducing her to the internet world.

"What about you?" Dan asked me.

"Well Mr Howell, I thought a holiday was in order!" I giggled and he rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Where are you staying?" Phil asked me and I paused. I hadn't actually planned anything. No hotel, no car, no nothing. I bit my lip and frowned.

"I haven't got one. I don't really plan ahead..." I looked at the floor and felt a surge of blood rush to my face.

"Aw don't worry; I'm sure there's more than enough room in the apartment we're staying at." Phil patted my back and I smiled up at him. "C'mon, we should get a taxi to the house then."

Soon after, I hailed a taxi and all three of us managed to shove our suitcases into the boot and we clambered into the car, with me and Phil at the back, Dan at the front. They told the driver where the apartment building was, and he turned on the radio to a local station and drove off. The three of us chatted about random things, and generally just messed around. I learned a lot about them and they did about me, and I genuinely felt like I was truly friends with some people. As the car slowed down and stopped outside a large and modern building, I opened my mouth in shock.

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