To Love A Criminal

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I watched my mate and child disappear down the hidden staircase, like the rest of the fathers and husbands of the pack before I stood ahead of them with my father and brother.

"Alright men, let's do this as swift, coordinated and clean as possible, we all have families to get back to!" I spoke with a smile in my face.

"What we are going to do is split up in to four groups of twenty. Julius, Andrew; you two have the southern group, Jordan, Charlie; you have the east group Twins; you have the western group and my sons, you have the north. We will surround them, make your ways out to where you are to be swiftly and quietly and wait for the signal." My father assigned as my Mother and Delian handed out the serums.

Everyone separated in to their groups and quickly moved out. We headed out to the fields where the large group of hunters were 'silently' trekking toward the mansion. My group shifted and spread out silently following in the bushes as, Nivea's father Kevin, my father, brother and I walked toward the group. just before we came in to view of the large group we drank one vile of the serum, tossing the bottles to the side.

"Gentlemen, what brings you trespassing on private property?" My father asked as we came to a stop a few feet ahead of them, looking surprised.

"We've come for the woman so hand her to us." The leader spoke.

"What woman do you speak of, friend?" I asked maintaining my confused look.

"The pregnant woman, I saw you with, hand her to us." A younger man shouted at me.

"You mean my wife, who is carrying my child? Why would I put her in the hands of a stranger, or any man for that matter.?" I asked raising and eyebrow.

"She is of importance to us, give her to us or we will get her ourselves." The older man spoke again.

"My daughter has nothing that you want." Kevin stepped foreword.

"Ah so thee infamous shadow wolf is still alive!" The older man looked surprised. "I knew it was too good to be true."

"What do you want with my child Sylvester?" Kevin glared.

"As we said already, she is of importance to us and we want her. Now!" Sylvester the other man barked.

"Come and take her from us." I growled at me man.

"Bring it on boy." He smirked as they drew their weapons.

Shifting the four of us attacked the men. I clawed at one mans throat tearing it wide open before, slashing another man. Gavin and I ended up back to back protecting each other. We fought off as many as we could until my Father let out a howl signaling the rest of the north group. Using their silver guns and knives, it took them a while to notice that it wasn't harming us more than a regular scratch on a human. At most the silver burned like alcohol on a cut but nothing more.

Little by little the massive group of hunters began to dwindled. suddenly the fighting came to a stop. Sylvester and Kevin stood before each other, glaring, bloodied and sweaty.

"Give us the woman." The man held a thick handled hand gun to Kevin's head.

"I would never give my child to you!" growled ferociously.

"Then you shall die like the dog you are!" Sylvester shouted pulling back the hammer and pressing the trigger of the gun.


I held my baby close to me and bared through the pain as we all made our way down further down in to the house until we came to a random rock that had a secret door on the wall next to it. I couldn't see exactly what she was doing but Mina put in a password and unlock the door revealing what looks like a cabin like living room. We all entered and found different places to sit in I was offered the large chair by the fireplace. It was then that I notice that I was the only one there with the a baby less than a year old. Mina was walking around with her mother and Delian making sure everyone was here.

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