. fallo entrare .

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[Chapter one: fallo entrare ]


(Note: Sebastian will call Emmanuel by his second name, Eros.)


Emmanuel woke up in his bed, which was quite unusual considering that he remembers spending the last night in the Neon bar.

He remembers perfectly his last customer - a man, about thirty years old, drunk, a bit violent, and very, very loud. Emmanuel didn't get much pleasure, and he didn't feel the magical ecstasy, but at least he did get money. Lots of it.

The red neon lights still seemed to enter his vision like ghosts, trying to scare you. But he wasn't affected by the red colour of the whole bar, his emotions didn't twist like a tornado when he saw the signs, the men and women beckoning him to come closer, to please their needs. He wasn't affected by the disgusting words thrown his way, he didn't react to the often abuse - both mental and physical.

The boy learned to ignore the world from the moment he would enter the neon world, filled with alcohol and sex begging people. The world's language was music and moans, its' people all drunk and all weak, the rulers were the strippers and the neon beauties, even if people mistook them for weak, powerless creatures.

No, the power they and Emmanuel had was much more complicated than they thought. Him and the others could break the customers' worlds in a snap of their fingers. A simple call to the police station and they could get charged with sexual and physical abuse cases. Emmanuel could tell the bar owner about every single customer and what he or she or they did, and they wouldn't be allowed into the bar again. The bodyguards could beat them to death, since it was so hard to find workers who wanted or needed to sell their bodies for money, and surely the bars didn't want to loose people like Emmanuel.

The boy looked around his room, his head aching a little bit. He spotted his roommate - Quinn - sleeping peacefully on his bed.

The boy's curly brown hair fell into his face, and Emmanuel felt jealous. He was jealous of how calm the boy looked. He didn't have to worry about being kicked out of his dream school, or loosing all his friends, or getting beat up almost to death nearly every night in a bar illuminated by red ghosts.

Emmanuel slowly sat up, checking if anything was strained or broken. Luckily, there weren't any injuries, except for the bruises on his arms and stomach.

He still wondered why he didn't remember getting home. That was most likely because his vision and thoughts were blinded by alcohol and pain, or his mind still tried to block out every person coming his way.

"Emmanuel, hey." He heard Quinn's sleepy voice call from behind.

He clenched his teeth and managed a smile, "Good morning."

Quinn lazily stood up from his bed, stretching and waking up his frozen limbs, while Emmanuel still sat on his bed.

"Me, Nico and Cassie will go to a coffee shop today, do you want to join?" The brown haired boy asked, smiling kindly, almost like he was talking to a little kid.

"I'll pass." The ginger said, waving his offer off.

Emmanuel wanted to go. He really did. He wanted to spend more time with Quinn, one of his best friends, with Cassiopeia, the softest one in their small friend group, and even with Nico who was constantly in a bad mood. He loved all of them, but they would notice the bruises sooner or later, and today he just didn't have the energy to hide them with make up.

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