Chapter 5

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finally the library is open I don't have to much because of the time limit. Anyways happy reading and pleaseeeeee COMMENT.  Oh yeah if the picture went through it is Silver.

Chapter 5:

Silver's Pov.

We reached Steven's bedroom and I turned around. "Steven what the -" "Shush I'm trying to think." He said looking around.. "Yeah But-"He grabbed by my neck. " SHUT THE FUCK UP, IM TRYING TO THINK." He finished banging my head against the wall. He let me go and started going through his draws frantic. I rubbed my neck and slumped on his bed. I looked around his room,it was exactly the way I remembered. Same big bed, same blue curtains, same bookcase that looked like it was going to fall over any moment. Except it didn't feel welcoming anymore.I looked over my shoulder when I felt movement on the bed. Steven crawled behind me " Sorry about that." He said touching my shoulder. I flinched and a look of anger passed through his face. I went over to the far side of his bed and pulled my notebook out of my bookbag. " Let's just start the project."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 30 min. later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Come on you have to get this." Steven laughed. " Well excuse me if I dont know what anaphase is Mr. Vale-Victorian." I joked. "Oh please that was ages ago and plus you were really good in science." " Yeah but that was before it got all hard and stuff. Anyways I need brain food: you want anything?" I asked. " Nah Im good." Suit yourself. I made my way to the kitchen and raided their fridge. I grabbed some salmi and cheese and started rolling them together swaying my hips. I heard a deep chuckle behind me. Luke stood at the doorway arms across his chest smiling. "Edward Cullen much?" I asked. " Oh so if Im watching you then you must be Bella. So you like me?" He said smiling even wider. I tried to think of a good comeback I decided with.."Shut up." He laughed. I tried to walk past him to get the bread. KEY WORD: Tried. He grabbed my arm and tingles spread through my body. He leaned in closer unsurely,I looked in his eyes and nodded. He crashed his lips on mine. " Luke baby are you home?.........."



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