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Y'all don't come for my lack of updating I went through a break up (we're back together) and I'm an essential worker, lmaoooo Enjoy the chapter though, y'all gon love this shit!

The drive was a long one as Trinity found herself waking up from a light nap. Her eyes fluttered open as a familiar song played lowly on the radio. It was the same song he performed at Kyra's party. She smiled and turned the volume up a bit. She looked up at Chris who looked down at her for a second then back to the road.

"You know you sleep with your mouth open?" He asked lightly chuckling.

"Huh? Was I snoring?" She asked groggily, wiping her mouth.

"Yeah, it was cute though." He laughed.

She looked at him funny as he mimicked her snore obnoxiously.

She kissed her teeth slapping his arm, "You're not funny," but she chuckled anyway grabbing his hand that rested on the gear shift.

She liked being alone with Chris, moments like this she killed for. Their best memories are always when the two are alone.

"Where are we going, Christopher?" She asked yawning.

"Don't worry about it sweetheart, I got you. This weekend you won't lift a finger," He nodded keeping his eyes on the road.

She peered out the window and saw a bunch of trees and tall grass. It looks like they were in a forest. Are they still in Los Angeles? She thought.

She knitted her brows and sat up in her seat as the Jeep slowly approached a log cabin house.

"Oh shit," Trinity gasped being caught off guard

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"Oh shit," Trinity gasped being caught off guard.

Chris looked over at her and laughed at her facial expression, parking the Jeep. He undid his seatbelt taking a deep breath as he opened his door. The smell of the fresh outdoors clouded his nostrils.

The cabin looks extremely modern and out of place in the middle of the forest, but it was gorgeous none the less. The evening sun bounced off the large windows, reflecting the sun right onto them.

"I come here when I want to get away from the world and clear my mind," He took the keys out of the ignition and hopped out of the Jeep, "I wrote some of my best shit here in this very house," He added retrieving their belongings from the back seat.

Trinity did the same, undoing her seatbelt and climbing out of the raised Jeep not forgetting to take the sneaker box of pictures with her. She closed the passenger door and slowly walked up to the large log cabin house. Chris locked up the jeep and walked up the front porch, setting their bags on the ground.

"I keep the spare key taped under the mailbox if you ever have to come here for some reason," He mumbled retrieving the spare key.

Trinity nodded as he unlocked the front door. He held the door open for her as she slowly entered the house, looking around in awe. He grabbed the bags and entered behind her, sitting them inside.

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