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shortly after, the pair's separate friend groups arrived at the fair. "hey, wonnie!" junhui yelled out, waving to wonwoo who stood by mingyu, cuddling his cat plush tight.

wonwoo smiled, "hi, junnie!" junhui ran towards him with soonyoung following close behind, still not liking the idea of hanging around mingyu and his friends.

wish he could give me a cute nickname like that. mingyu thought. he watched as wonwoo talked with his friends, forgetting the fact that they were spending time with mingyu's friends too.

"hey, give it back!" wonwoo yelled, chasing after junhui to managed to steal his calico cat plushie, chuckling as soonyoung tried to calm them down and stop them from acting like children.

"your boyfriend has some weird ass friends." mingyu heard a voice say, turnig around to see minghao and seokmin standing behind him. mingyu scoffed, "please, don't act as if you don't have a wittle crush on junhui yourself."

"oh, shut up." minghao laughed, slapping mingyu's shoulder. seokmin was left confusing, not knowing of what mingyu said. "wait, minghao likes junhui?"

"of course he does!"

"of course i don't!"

"stop denying it, minghao! we all know you want junhui to dom you in bed- ow!" mingyu yelped, rubbing the side where he was smacked.

"what is it about minghao wanting to me to dom in bed." a voice said. the trio turned around to see junhui standing there, wonwoo and soonyoung chuckling behind him.

just from seeing junhui, minghao started to freeze up, embarrassed by what mingyu had just said out loud. "n-nothing."

junhui knew he had the upper hand here. even though minghao was known to be quite aggressive and junhui was quite a softie, junhui could still have the confidence to flirt and make minghao flustered. junhui walked to minghao, taking him by the wrist and leaning into his ear to whisper something. "if you wanted me to top in bed, you could've just said so."

at junhui's words, minghao becoming speechless, mouth hanging open from not knowing how to respond. the two started to walk away, wonwoo ad soonyoung giving junhui a thumbs up.

"damn, never thought i'd see the day where minghao would be speechless when someone was flirting with him." seokmin said wide-eyed.

mingyu shrugged. "guess he's just like that when he's with junhui." he looked over to wonwoo who was still talking with soonyoung. he remembered their conversation from before, remembering how wonwoo wanted to play matchmaker with their friends to help them have more fun together. but judging by how easily junhui and minghao bonded, and by wonwoo's happy expression, they could just enjoy the rest of the fair.

"hey!" seokmin yelled, catching the attention of the two. "are we just going to stand here or are we gonna enjoy the fair?" seokmin always was the lively one out of the three, and most people wondered why even hung around people like mingyu and minghao, but no one knows why. not even minghao and mingyu.

soonyoung went off with seokmin, since soonyoung would get better along with him than stay with mingyu and wonwoo. "let's meet by the field in an hour in time for the fireworks!" wonwoo said, seokmin and soonyoug nodding before they started to run towards one of the bumper car games.

"our friends are really similar, surprisingly." mingyu said, chuckling to himself as he watched the two jump up and down excitedly in line. "yeah, but my friends don't do illegal stuff like you do." wonwoo pointed out

"minghao and seokmin don't actually do the illegal stuff with me. they just... watch me do it." mingyu smiled, wonwoo laughing at mingyu's made up response.

a long, awkward silence lingered between them, not knowing what to say as they walked around the fair, buying food and drinks or trying out games that peaked their interest. "so, before we see the fireworks, what ride do you wanna go on next?" mingy asked, taking a glance at wonwoo from the corner of his eye.

wonwoo hummed to himself, thinking of what he wanted to try before they saw the fireworks. "hmm. i've never been on a ferris wheel before." he said, his gaze looking towards the towering ferris wheel in the distance.

mingyu's lips formed a small smile, looking at wonwoo. "we're going on the ferris wheel then."

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