Pieces- Protect You 2

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Peter shuffled past everyone out of the school,his body ached. Even at nine teen he was still being bullied and he hated it. Yet he beamed at the sound of a fog horn, Yemoja stood by her black motorcycle waving at him. Her shirt was a long sleeve red Hawaiian button with a black bowtie to match her black pencil skirt,she was tall due to her black platform shoes. If it wasn't for her eyes and the small purple tree branch in her bun he would've said she looked more relaxed.Also very attractive which he liked to see ever since Tony had created casual Friday to get her to loosen up,yet she still was so prim despite trying to be casual.

"How was school Mr. Parker?," she asked as he grabbed his helmet,her voice was slightly deeper. He shrugged as he got on,Yemoja noticed a group of males looking in their direction laughing. A familiar smell reached her nose as she wiggled it in disgust.

"Peter," she spoke,softly with sadness,the strangeness of it had him snap his head to her.

"Yes Ms.Stella," he asked.

"You've been bleeding," she told him grabbing his face she smelled the strong scent of rubbing alcohol.

"I shall tell your mates of this occurence," Yemoja told him as he grabbed her upper arm tightly.

" I bother them enough, they will only come here and defend me," he told her," that'll be so embarrassing," he told her.

"Being protected?," she asked.

"Yes! I'm not in high school anymore,and you know who I am," he told her. Yemoja pulled her skirt up,showing her thick shapely fishnet calves. Slipping on her helmet as the motorcycle roared to life. Peter wrapped his arms around her,the scent of coffee and honey blackberries calmed him down. After a while he noticed that they were not heading home. They were heading far out,Peter laughed as she bounced in and out of traffic quickly. They slid as they turned yet she pushed her weight to the opposite direction just nanarrowly missing a car. Soon they parked in a desolate neighborhood,Yemoja got off the motorcycle as Peter followed behind her to a small brown building. Once inside Peter saw a small fire place with a sitting area. It was homey and comfortable as they approached the register where the baked good were on display behind glass.

"Hey what's up Ja-Ja," an older man called out as he high fived Yemoja which she did not object to.

" 'Sup Dan, I'm going to get Mr. Parker the best espresso ever," she said as the man's eyes lit up.

"Hey she talks a lot about your family,you guys are amazing," Dan exclaimed. Peter chuckled nervously glad to know she enjoyed their company too.

"So what will you guys have?," Dan asked.

"Two paw espressos with two slices of Boston cream pie," she told him as she paid they sat down in a brown leather both.

"Ms.Stella?," he asked never seeing so much calmness in her posture.

"Peter I want to talk to you," Yomeja told him.

"What's going on Yo-Yo," he asked low sitting forward.

" I know that you're an Alpha," she told him.

"I'm confused," Peter told her,"its not like it matters,"he was an Alpha yet he felt undeserving  of it,he wasn't as big or as brave as the regular Alphas.

"It does Peter," she told him," you are an amazing individual Peter, you are strong."

Peter scoffed at her words of comfort.

" I'm not strong enough physically," he told her,"look at me."

"Peter," she whispered,"you're forgetting that you're Spiderman,he's an Alpha and you are too. You are amazing because no you're not huge like Thor but your brain is."

"What good is that," he stated looking at her like he was fed up. Yomeja cleared her throat as her eyes pierced his brown ones.

"You sit up straight and you zip it while I speak," she quipped,"Now," she growled out as he sat up straight and listened.

"During the Trojan War if they had a smart enough person,they would've burned those soliders alive,strength is good but without Mr.Anthony's intelligence he is not as good," she told him, which was true. If Tony wasn't so smart he would've never broke free,became Iron Man,run a business, nothing. Peter was deserving to be an Alpha and leader because he made Spiderman and he was him. He deserved to be respected as such his intelligence makes him a great leader not just brute strength.

"Wow I...I never thought of it like that, " he said as Dan sat down their items and left. A beautiful kitten paw print was designed in the coffee as she took a small sip he sighed seeing the joy in her eyes as her smile brightened his day.

Unbeknownst to her,that she had filled him with joy,to last a lifetime.

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