Chapter 6*

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I followed him, thinking about my past. When I was young, I used to be a better person. But after an adventure I stopped connecting to people.

I had a group of friends with Tanya in it, and we were best friends. I was nice and outgoing, and I was never mean to anybody. I remember the joy I felt when I was with 4 of my friends.

We were very adventurous, and we decided to go deep into the forest, ignoring the warnings about a monster in the forest which was killing both wild animals as the tamed ones. A group of Dragon Riders was going to arrive a few days from our trip. But we wanted to see the monster ourselves. We were 8 at the time. I brought my knives and Tanya brought her sword. Only the two of us were able to use a weapon. We didn't know what kind of monster to expect, so we just went with it.

I remember the fear I felt when we heard growling. Tanya and I readied our weapons as he growling came closer. After a few moments, a figure stepped out of the bushes. It looked like a human, only that it was taller, blue and had armor made from ice. That's the first time any of us saw an Ice Giant.

It roared and rushed at us with a sharp icicle in hand. I threw my knife, but it bounced off the armor. Then the Giant sent a load of ice and snow at us. I jumped in front of Tanya to protect her from the cold. That's when I passed out. A few days later I found out that 2 other friends of mine died. They froze to death, but Tanya and I survived. I was depressed and I closed my heart completely. I wanted to run away from that. After that I always turned my back to people instead of being their friend. I didn't want to feel that helpless and sad again. That's the reason I was so shocked an angry to discover that I shared the same blood as the monster that killed my friends.

Jack's voice shook me back to reality. We arrived to the Training Grounds. Was being his friend a wise idea? I decided to give it a try. I wanted to be the real me again, instead of a coward hiding from the world.

"You noticed all the classrooms around the school, didn't you?"

" Yes." I answered.

" Well, you are using those only once a year."

"What? I thought we were in school..."

,, That's because you will get a mentor.  You get a Dragon Rider to teach you everything you need to know, and each week your knowledge is assessed in those classrooms or on the fields. The mentors are pretty harsh, because their job is to teach you. The mentors are low ranks, because higher ranked Riders don't want anything to do with students, for the 'purebloods' have all the Elements and there is only about 30 of them in the whole world. They don't want to teach someone for 5 years. The mentors are coming tomorrow, and I hope someone good chooses you! You clearly have talent. My mentor is really good and patient. Now, let's get to practice"

I thought about what he said for a few moments. I liked the thing about mentors. That way students would get enough attention and will be able to develop their skills faster.

I concentrated on the spark inside of me and called on it. I imagined my shadow rising from the ground and standing beside me.

I opened my eyes and saw that what I wanted to happen happened. But the moment I began to feel excited, it turned back to normal. I needed far more concentration and practice to be able to keep it there for a longer time and after that make it move and fight for me.

Hard years are ahead of me.

 But I hoped to get some friends to make it easier to bear.

I already have Jack.

And I will get more.

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