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Harry Styles is a songwriter for boy band, Four Directions. He writes with the boys together, but Niall knows the band agrees one thing. The songs Harry writes himself are the most amazing - especially the love songs.

But there is a person behind every love song. 

And Niall starts to wonder who is it behind Harry's.

This was supposed to a one-shot but got too long for me to handle, so I split it up into several parts. Some parts are longer than the rest, due to changing point of views. Also, I know that it was actually Harry that helped writing 'Happily' and Niall wrote 'Don't Forget Where You Belong' partly. And One Direction is not the same without Harry so I gave the band a new name. (It sucks, I know that.)

I don't own One Direction (I wish), this is purely fiction, I'm not implying that the real Harry Styles and Niall Horan are gay. (They could be but even I don't believe that.)

Started: 29/10/14

Finished: 29/06/15

© 2014, finnegansgap, all rights reserved

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