Gyomei Himejima ;☁️

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(Gyomei x neko!reader ;fluff~)

This story is a bit messy and weird with the story progression. Sorry! I was halfway done and edited it like, 4 times already. But it was still bad. It's already over 2000 words so i couldn't bring myself to delete and rewrite it.

I promise to make another chapter rewriting the whole plot of gyomei x neko!reader :3

I promise to make another chapter rewriting the whole plot of gyomei x neko!reader :3

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As a member of the butterfly estate in the demon slayer corps, you have the obligation to help and serve the demon slayers as best as you can. Though, there was an unfortunate event in which you tried to save mizunoto's life, leading you to become something else that isn't a human.

It has only been a few days since you have been turned into a demon. Or.. A cat?

You gained a new pair of cat ears and a cat tail.

And you haven't got the nerve to step out into the sunlight.

Weirdly enough, they found out after days of inspection and studying your new body that you, a demon, does not have a craving for human meat. Rather for fish and other animals cats eat.

And they say that your abilities were sharper and stronger than other normal demons. And how you were the first of your kind.

Oyakata-sama decided that you should at least stay at the butterfly estate so that they could keep an eye on you, since you haven't eaten or harmed any human lives yet.

And today, you have been assigned to talk to the stone pillar to inform him about your new state. Shinobu didn't have the time to do this because she was currently busy with her own mission. So you have to do this by yourself. It was a bit scary, since this will be the first time talking to the strongest pillar in your new form.


As Gyomei entered the dojo, he found you waiting for him, sitting on the floor.

He was huge, and you were about half his size. And you knew that he was blind, but that still didn't stop the feeling of being stared at right through the soul.

"Good evening.. I have been told to meet you here." he bowed his head a bit, introducing himself to you. Before his eyebrows pinched in confusion.

He could sense your being, but all his senses told him that what was standing in front of him was a..

He suddenly mumbled to himself, tilting his head to the side before you could greet him back.

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